Zac Efron Responds After An Ex Blasts Him For… Giving Too Much Head?!

We’ve heard a gajillion complaints from women about their sex lives, but never that they were getting too much downstairs attention from Zac Efron!

On last week’s This One Friend podcast, co-host Perrie Kap dished about a friend who told her she had a thing going with the Baywatch star. And she had the strangest problem with the hunk! The Aussie model began:

“I have this one friend who was hooking up with Zac Efron for a while… She was one of those people that hangs out with a lot of celebrities, so she was quite nonchalant about it.”

Yeah, we know the type. *wink*

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Naturally the podcast host was curious and asked her, “What was it like?” The answer was downright “perplexing”:

“She kind of said it in an annoyed way. She was like, ‘Oh, he was always going down on me!’”

Sorry, but… WHAT?! That’s a COMPLAINT?? Perrie was just as confused as you are, but unfortunately she didn’t do her journalistic duty and ask ten million more questions. She said:

“For some reason the conversation ended and I never got to follow up with her why this was an annoying thing.”


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First off, we absolutely believe it. We mean, he was a Disney star, of course he’s a hard worker. Also, Zac hooking up with an Australian model makes total sense. He loves Oz! He spent a lot of the pando in Byron Bay and is always talking about how much time he spends Down Under! Badum-psh!

Hey, wait! Are THESE the jaw exercises that gave him the extra-manly mandible??

Zac Efron jaw
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But our question is… who is going to be upset about that? Why was this woman annoyed?? The whole thing is WILD! (Also, kind of hilarious this is Zac’s version of a sex scandal. Seriously, run for Congress, guy! We could use a giver in office! LOLz!)

Obvi they had to talk about the “scandal” on KIIS FM‘s The Kyle and Jackie O Show. Co-host Kyle Sandilands, like most of us tbh, defended Zac — after all, it’s not like he did anything remotely wrong! (If she had expressed her disinterest in it and then he kept going, then yes, THAT would be bad. But that doesn’t seem to be the case here.) And the High School Musical star appreciated the support! Kyle told co-host Jackie O Henderson on Thursday that Zac is back in Australia filming a movie and HEARD THE WHOLE THING:

“Remember the other day you were playing some podcast chick telling everyone about how Zac Efron loves… going down on girls? Well, Zac is in Melbourne and he was listening to us on the [iHeart Radio] app and I got a text afterward from him saying, ‘Thanks for having my back, bro.’”

On the one hand, how awful for Zac to have to hear about some gal kissing and telling — or getting kissed and telling, we guess — on the radio! Good thing he at least had a pal defending him! That’s gotta help the medicine go down.

But you know what? We’re guessing this ultimately helps the man’s love life. What do YOU think??

[Image via The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon/YouTube/This One Friend/TikTok.]

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