Brittany Furlan Posts New Pic With Tommy Lee & Lots Of Not So Cryptic Messages Amid Pamela Anderson Drama: ‘F**k The Haters’

Brittany Furlan isn’t moving on from the drama with Pamela Anderson just yet!

On Wednesday, the former Vine star took to Instagram to post a new picture of herself and her rocker husband, Tommy Lee. However, it is not the selfie that caught people’s attention! Along with the snapshot of the couple, she shared several not-so-cryptic quotes that seemingly alluded to the backlash she’s faced ever since fans accused her of mocking the Mötley Crüe drummer’s ex-wife on TikTok. Some of the messages read:

“You are what you feel inside you are. Everything else is just others perception.”

“Once they’ve decided a woman is mad or bad, they will ride that narrative as long as possible until she retreats, loses her temper, retaliates or harms herself – so they can stand and point, ‘Look, we told you so!’”

“I am not what you think I am. You are what you think I am.”

“F**k the haters.”

“I spent all those years wondering who i would become when all along i was destined to become a product of my time.”

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She also included a pic of a shirt that said “careful, or you’ll end up,” and she seemed to cross out whatever else was on it to add “getting tweeted about.” Another meme in the post read, “Everytime I address something that bothers me,” before the “Virgo” responded:

“I become the bad person.”

Hmm. So much for not caring amid Pam and Tommy’s tumultuous marriage being dredged up again? You can ch-ch-check out the post (below):

For those who haven’t been keeping up, Brittany recently has been making headlines ever since she first addressed the Baywatch alum’s memoir Love, Pamela and her Netflix documentary, Pamela: A Love Story – both of which focused a lot on Pamela’s rocky relationship with the musician. At the time, the social media personality told fans she was fine amid the release of the projects. But she seemingly flipped the script soon afterward.

Brittany later posted a since-deleted TikTok video having the “’90s Pam Makeup” filter on her face and poking fun at how Pamela would react if she died. While the 36-year-old repeatedly insisted it was nothing more than a “joke,” fans called her out for throwing shade and making fun of Pamela. She later defended herself again, telling her followers that she was only shading herself – and not the Barb Wire star:

“B/c I was trying to make a joke about people saying they should get back together. So I said if I died that’s when it would happen. Shaded myself”

However, fans aren’t buying it. Since then, some believe Brittany leaked text messages of Pamela flirting with her “one true love” Tommy and feel the comedian is doing whatever she can to put the 55-year-old on blast! No wonder why she posted those pointed messages all about social media users perceiving her as a “bad person.”

What do YOU think, Perezcious readers? Do you feel Brittany is trying to shade Pamela, or is everyone overthinking the situation right now? Let us know your thoughts on the matter in the comments.

[Image via Brittany Furlan/Instagram, WENN]

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