Yuck! Janitor Caught Peeing & Dipping His Penis Into Water Bottle — Woman Gets Herpes From It!

Yeah, add this to the list of things that’ll keep you up at night. In what’s probably the most disgusting thing you’ll hear today (or ever!) a janitor at a Houston medical building was caught on camera dipping his penis and peeing into a woman’s water bottle — and she contracted an STD from it!

The married mother of two, who didn’t want to be publicly identified, told ABC 13 on Tuesday she noticed a bad smell in the water dispenser where she works way back in August. The situation at the East Freeway doctors’ office she is currently employed at was so concerning to her, she vowed to only drink the water she brought from home — but horrifically this wouldn’t be a good enough solution…

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In late September, the 54-year-old then made the discovery of her water bottle she brought from home smelling foul — to which she came to the conclusion someone had peed in her water. Later, court records would show a urinalysis confirmed her suspicion.

Yuck! Just nauseating…

The doctors’ office employee decided to take matters into her own hands and set up a spy camera to figure out what exactly was going on — and who was messing with her drink. And she got her answer! Although, it’s so gross we can be sure it’s not the answer anyone wanted. While speaking to the outlet on Tuesday, she said:

“[He] pulls out his penis and puts his penis in my bottle, basically rinses his penis in the water.”

Disgusting! You can see the camera footage for yourself starting at 1:08 (below):

Further testing on the tainted water only brought worse news, though — the man had given her herpes:

“I learned I acquired (a sexually-transmitted disease) for which he also tested positive for. He gave me an STD I will have for the rest of my life. Nothing is going to change it. Nothing will make it better for me. In fact, I feel like, for the rest of my life, I will have to be careful.”

So heartbreaking for this poor woman…

The man in question was identified as 50-year-old Lucio Diaz — janitor of the medical building — and he wasn’t even fired after the victim brought up her concerns to the management! The woman’s attorney, Kim Spurlock, told the news station:

“They have a duty to protect their tenants, and they wholly failed in those responsibilities.”

The building’s owner was quick to respond to these accusations through a letter sent by CEO Terry Quinn:

“Our management company immediately cooperated with the police department in this matter as soon as we were made aware of this potential issue by our tenant. They were advised by the police to not alert or approach the alleged perpetrator so that he could be arrested. He was arrested when he returned to the building.”

As if this horror story couldn’t get any worse, as of Wednesday, there could be as many as 11 more victims. Lucio has been charged with assault with a deadly weapon, but could face even more charges if more victims come forward. Court records show he is in custody of Immigrations and Custom Enforcement currently as he awaits his first appearance in court.

The 54-year-old expressed her desire for the janitor to be punished to the fullest extent:

“I want this to go to trial. I want him to be exposed for who he is, and I want him to pay for what he’s done to me and then be deported.”

We truly hope she along with all of the potential victims get the justice they deserve! Reactions, Perezcious readers?

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