Kanye West Gave Out ‘White Lives Matter’ Shirts On Skid Row — And It’s Causing BIG PROBLEMS!

Kanye West is really out here stirring the pot, and what for? That’s what a bunch of folks in Los Angeles are trying to figure out right now after the artist pulled the ultimate stunt.

According to CBS Los Angeles on Wednesday, a known associate of the musician’s posted a video of a group of people apparently delivering a box of Kanye’s controversial “White Lives Matter” shirts to those living on Skid Row (one of the largest populations of homeless people in the US) earlier this week. In the video, someone could be heard shouting, “courtesy of Kanye West.”

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But now the community is fed up and trying to figure out what the f**k the Grammy winner was thinking! Speaking to the outlet while holding up one of the t-shirts, resident Stephanie Arnold-Williams said:

“They dropped off a big box here and told everybody to come here to pick them up. I was like this is not a good spot. I don’t think you should bring them here.”

She also slammed the Heartless vocalist for his actions, adding:

“I would say f**k Kanye West for doing this. He should have never done this… The majority of people that have been getting killed are Black people. So, that’s what we’re talking about. So, don’t change the subject. It’s still Black Lives Matter here.”


The Anti-Defamation League has called the phrase “hate speech,” so the fact Kanye’s team sent them to Skid Row is pretty s**tty! The community is largely made up of people of color — who are now facing threats because of the shirts! Recipient Damon Willis complained:

“It doesn’t mean anything, what does it mean?”

He revealed people are facing physical violence now for wearing the Yeezy design:

“Ever since my girl got the shirt she has been getting threats telling her not to wear the shirt or she’s gonna get beat up, stuff like that.”


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Damon went on to insist Ye will be “to blame” for damage done as a result of his controversial shirts, saying:

“Him having that shirt, coming out with that shirt could get people hurt and then he’s going to be pretty much to blame.”

After debuting the shirts at Paris Fashion Week earlier this month, Kim Kardashian’s ex-husband told Fox News he thought the slogan was “funny” and “obvious.” But obviously, most people don’t see eye-to-eye with him! Reverend Andy Bales, who has worked with the singer in the past, is now putting the star on blast. Speaking to CBS, he said he hopes Kanye has a bigger mission at play, but he’s left confused and distressed right now. Andy shared:

“Black lives haven’t mattered enough to our world.”

Bales hopes Kanye is trying to highlight how “we all know white lives matter, how about it’s time that Black lives matter, too.” But he admitted it is “not really spelled out” as is which is causing a lot of frustration. He continued:

“We need peace brought to Skid Row more than we need controversy or tumult.”

Whoa. So true! Check out more from the upset Skid Row recipients (below).

Pretty crazy!

What do you think Kanye was thinking?! If he really wanted to help those on Skid Row, he could just donate some of his fortunes to those doing the hard work to make a change! They don’t need a WLM shirt! And this is coming after he was already blasted for having a “fetish with the homeless as ‘fashion muses’” as he displayed his Gap collection in trash bags! He really needs to DO BETTER! Thoughts? Sound off (below)!

[Image via CBS Los Angeles/Jimmy Kimmel Live/YouTube]

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