What Olivia Wilde & Shia LaBeouf REALLY Thought Of Each Other On Don’t Worry Darling!

More details have been revealed in the infinitely expanding Don’t Worry Darling drama…

As we’ve previously reported, director Olivia Wilde sat down with Variety last week for an August cover where she opened up about the Shia LaBeouf situation. Once again she really made it sound like she fired him from the lead role of Jack (which of course went to her future boyfriend Harry Styles instead). She has cited his “process” not being “conducive” to what she demanded on set, and while she respects him, she ultimately had to make the difficult decision for herself, and for co-stars like Florence Pugh, to enforce a “no a**holes policy.”

But the s**t really hit the fan the next day as the Transformers alum contacted Variety, with receipts, claiming that it was his decision to leave the production, citing “a lack of rehearsal time.”

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Yeah, that was all a mess and Olivia has yet to respond to Shia’s claims. However, an insider just came forward to Us Weekly Thursday saying there was a bit more to the collaboration not quite working. They claimed: 

“Olivia and Shia just never saw eye to eye. She felt he was a loose cannon and he thought she was on an ego trip.”

Ha! Well…

The source added they felt it was “much better for everyone” that the stars “parted ways professionally.” Um, yeah. There’s been a seismic amount of drama already, and they didn’t even go through the process of actually making a movie together! 

And yet Olivia was so desperate to keep him around in that video message, even selling out “Miss Flo” to chat him up. Oof. Can you imagine if he was filming this movie when the sexual abuse lawsuit came out?? Yowza.

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