ANOTHER Couple Caught F**king In The Stands At An MLB Game! What Is Going On?!

Remember that couple who got caught apparently engaging in a little adult pleasure last week in the stands at an Oakland Athletics baseball game??

Well, a Toronto twosome decided to up the ante this week! This is CRAZY!!!

On Monday night, the Toronto Blue Jays were hosting the Chicago Cubs for a ballgame at the Rogers Centre. And up in the 500-level section of the stadium, two fans really took to “rounding the bases” — by fornicating in their seats during the game!

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The video is very much NSFW, so stop here if you are at work, or you don’t want to see the shenanigans. But if you’re cool with it… proceed to see the stadium sex and security’s sudden interruption in this pair of clips (below):


At least it looks like they were up at the very top of the stadium in an empty section? So maybe, like, kids down below didn’t notice too much?! Still, WTF??? The mood really must have struck…

Per local news outlet blogTO, the couple was escorted out of the stadium by security guards. However, the outlet claims “no charges were laid” against the frisky pair for the conspicuous copulation. Lucky lovers!!

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For what it’s worth, the Blue Jays won that night against the lowly Cubbies. Prior to Thursday’s game in Pittsburgh, the Jays are 70-59 and still in the race for an American League Wild Card playoff spot as the season enters its final month. Since the club is now 1-0 when fans get caught in flagrante delicto in the stands, don’t be surprised if it happens again. Baseball fans are wildly superstitious, you know. (And super horny, too, apparently!)

Reactions, Perezcious readers??

[Image via MLB/YouTube]

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