Was Adam Levine Insta-Flirting With A 17-Year-Old Girl?! More Receipts Are Coming Out Amid Alleged Affair Scandal!

It’s a question we probably ALL had after the brand new allegations. What else was Adam Levine up to?!

OK, let’s rewind. Of course we’re talking about the TikTok video posted by Sumner Stroh on Monday morning. The Instagram model claimed to have had a full-blown affair with the Maroon 5 frontman “for about a year” some time ago. She kept the secret for a while — until he got back in touch and allegedly asked her a most shocking question this past June. She posted receipts of their alleged convos including the one in which it appears he asks if he could name the child he and wife Behati Prinsloo are currently expecting Sumner, after her. After his alleged mistress.

Hoo boy…

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If the allegations are true, that’s a special kind of animal! So we immediately wondered if there was anything else out there. Well, unsurprisingly there is something, and it’s already going viral. Sumner said in her video that she was “young” at the time of her alleged affair and felt “completely manipulated.” But this is another level if real: A TikToker going by the name Addie saw Sumner’s video and had to weigh in. She posted what appears to be screenshots of Adam getting flirty with a fan who asked for a video message to her BFF. Addie would be the BFF, and her pal — according to her — was just 17 years old at the time! Eesh!

There’s nothing overtly sexual in the messages, but the whole tone comes across very flirty — and the TikToker’s commenters are calling it out! Not once but TWICE the messages show the account in question making a point of asking the teen not to post any of it, writing:

“I’m super super private as a human so please no sharing”

He also specifically said they had to be just friends, saying:

“Boring? Maybe. But necessary. Ish”

But then followed up when the girl agreed by asking:

“Why’d you even ask if I had a wife? You were planning a torture schedule I know it”

Adam Levine Instagram DMs
(c) @sa1vu1cano/TikTok

If there was any question as to whether he was flirting, well, the results speak for themselves. It seems the unnamed teen in question picked up on the vibe the She Will Be Loved singer was allegedly throwing down because she eventually asked about being just friends:

“Were you wanting me as more than that?”

He wrote back:

“Of course not?”

(What’s with that question mark?!?) He continued:

“You were a lot to take in haha. We good. We homies… You slid right in there tho”

Adam Levine Instagram DMs
(c) @sa1vu1cano/TikTok

Now, it doesn’t sound to us like he was anywhere close to going the full James Franco by trying to set up a date or anything, but this kind of talk from a married man is still pretty sketchy, superstar or not! Add in that he’s talking to a 17-year-old? And that he keeps telling her to keep it quiet? VERY sketchy territory now. See the full video (below)!


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In the TikTok, Addie makes it clear she DID get a birthday vid from Adam Levine after this, so if that’s true, then it supports the receipts we’re looking at. Yikes…

What do YOU think? Did Adam Levine really cheat on Behati? Was he talking to lots of women like this, casting his net wide and accidentally catching a teen or two in his various fan interactions? We guess we’ll learn soon if and when more women come forward…

[Image via Adriana M. Barraza/WENN/TikTok.]

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