How The Queen’s Funeral Finally Gives Prince Harry & William An ‘Opportunity To Heal’ — For Real!

There’s no greater time to come together than while mourning a loved one.

After years of fighting and establishing a feud some think will never be mended, Prince Harry and Prince William have been offered the opportunity of a lifetime — the chance to forgive and heal from their contentious past. But will they take it??

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According to a source who spoke with Us Weekly on Monday, Queen Elizabeth II’s death and funeral have given her grandchildren the chance to reconnect:

“The Queen’s funeral gave the royals a window of opportunity to heal as a family.”

There is “still tension” between the Duke of Sussex and the heir to the throne — as to be expected with such a deep rift — but at least they’ve been able to agree on one thing:

“They both agreed to put aside any hard feelings [while they mourn their grandmother].”

This truce hasn’t been established out of their own best interests but that of their beloved matriarch, the insider noted:

“They know it’s what the queen would’ve wanted and are trying to move forward from the past.”

Ooh, so they are trying to move on? Like officially?? Love to hear it!

The brothers have already shown a physical display of unity by appearing together several times to honor the Queen since her death on September 8, such as by standing side-by-side at various remembrance events. They even got their estranged wives involved by showing up outside of Windsor Castle earlier this month to thank visitors for their condolences. Maybe all of these interactions have shown them they can co-exist without butting heads? Or they’ve realized some things are more important than arguing? Hmm.

At the time of their shocking appearance together, a source discussed the significance of the moment with Us, explaining:

“In the end, [William] elected to [invite them] because it was agreed amongst all of them that this very much the appropriate thing to do.”

Prince William And Kate Middleton Reunite With Prince Harry And Meghan Markle
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The 40-year-old and 38-year-old also didn’t want their strained relationship to take away from the Queen’s moment, the confidant added:

“For all of their differences in the past, many of which still linger, this was what The Queen would have wanted and William knew very well that it was no time to be holding onto grudges or distancing himself from his brother.”

Seeing as they are both experiencing such an “intensely difficult time” with their grief and flashbacks to their mother Princess Diana’s death, we’re glad they’ve managed to come together, even if it’s fleeting. They need all the support they can get.

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The insider also stressed the royals’ choice to be cordial is a sign of honor to their entire country, adding:

“They needed to put on a united front and pay their respects for her sake as well as the monarchy as a whole and the people she served so tirelessly during her reign.”

It shows how much they respect and love the late monarch! We cannot think of many other people who they’d be willing to raise a white flag for. Hopefully, any progress they’ve made in the last two weeks helps them build a better future together — but it’s hard to know considering Harry still has an explosive memoir and Netflix docuseries to release. All the more reason for the feud to deepen… Fingers crossed for the best! Do you think they’re really trying to settle this fight once and for all? Or is this all a matter of respect? Let us know (below)!

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