Vanessa Marcil Says Megan Fox Apologized For Her Part In Messy Drama With Ex Brian Austin Green! 

Megan Fox owned up to her part in the family drama between her ex-husband, Brian Austin Green, and his ex-fiancé, Vanessa Marcil!

As Perezcious readers may recall, Brian and Vanessa have not been on good terms for a long time due to their nasty custody battle. The Las Vegas alum claimed on Instagram in 2018 that the actor and Megan “completely cut” her son Kassius “out of their lives and his younger brothers’ lives.” Vanessa has made it seem like she raised their kid alone for years, which Brian called her out for last year. He then accused her of keeping Kassius away from him while he was recovering “like a stroke survivor” from a bad case of vertigo.

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Their co-parenting situation has been messy! Now Vanessa says Megan apologized for her role in the drama! After a social media user slammed the 38-year-old actress for “never” defending the General Hospital star and being “a catalyst in your son’s broken relationship with his father,” she clapped back on Thursday. Vanessa wrote:

“Not true babe. [Megan Fox] was 17 … and still has taken responsibility for her actions. She has apologized to both me and our child. She stated she is ‘disgusted’ by her behavior. However, it wasn’t her job to keep a grown man/biological parent in his son’s life. That’s on him.”

And things get messier from here. She then dragged Brian’s fiancé Sharna Burgess into the situation, saying the professional dancer is “being conned!” What?! Vanessa wrote:

“It’s true as you said that it’s painful to watch #sharnaburgess try to gaslight her followers, however I do feel for her too. Only difference is that she’s not a child like Megan was. She’s being conned and would have to give up her whole ‘fairy tale’ in order to stand up for the truth at this point. But trust me, in her gut, she knows that she’s being lied to. I feel for her and her beautiful son. We [don’t] really matter anymore. The kids do. One day we will all be gone and these siblings will all be together.”

Vanessa concluded her scathing post by saying Kassius “knows the real truth” and “will protect” all of his siblings:

“My son is the oldest and he knows the real truth. He will protect them. Their safety and peace are all he cares about. The truth will always prevail in the end. It’s good to be on the right side of history and to know I gave up everything to protect my son and stand up to the truth. #ImWithYouSister I stand with all women first and always.”

Yeesh. We wonder what Brian thinks about Vanessa’s claims. If we had to guess, he is most likely ticked off she’s bringing up their dirty laundry again! Check out the post (below):

[Image via Brian To/WENN, Vanessa Marcil/Instagram]

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