Colorado Woman Admits To Cutting Off Boyfriend’s Penis — And You Will Not BELIEVE The Reason She Gave!

A woman in Colorado was hit with murder charges after she allegedly cut off her boyfriend’s penis! And the reason she gave to the police will have your jaws on the floor!

According to an affidavit in support of warrantless arrest obtained by TooFab, 32-year-old Shenting Guo contacted the police on Tuesday saying she “believed her boyfriend was dead, but couldn’t provide a reason why” at the time. A dispatcher said the woman was “hysterical” while they attempted to give her CPR instructions. And when authorities eventually arrived at her hotel room, nothing could have prepared them for the grisly crime scene.

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The documents stated officers saw “a bed with a large amount of blood smeared on it,” an “upset” woman, and an unresponsive, “naked male laying on his back with his feet under the bed.” They immediately sprang into action, attempting to resuscitate the victim. As police performed CPR, they soon spotted something horrific! They “noticed the male’s penis appeared to be cut off” and he had “apparent trauma in his genitalia.” WHAT?! EMS then spotted a “stab wound” on his leg” — though “couldn’t determine” if it happened recently. Unfortunately, their efforts to save the victim were unsuccessful. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

So, so sad…

Here’s where things start to get twisted. When an officer went to wash his hands afterward, Guo approached him in the hotel laundry room and started to confess. According to the affidavit, she told the officer “to arrest her now” for the crime committed against the victim, whom she referred to as her “boyfriend/fiancé/husband.” Why? She claimed the victim “wouldn’t let” her sleep, so she stabbed him in the leg that morning. Jeez!

The cops placed Guo in handcuffs and read her Miranda Rights. When she asked to speak with an attorney, police said they stopped asking her questions about the murder. However, they also claimed the suspect “continued to volunteer statements” on her own, including “something to the effect of she killed him and she cut off his penis.” OMG. Inside the hotel room, officers then found a knife under the bed. And it gets worse. They also discovered her lover’s “severed penis in the trash can” of the bathroom!

After Guo was taken to the police statement, she waived her right to an attorney. That’s when she did not hold back on the details of the brutal crime! During the interview with detectives, she said she believed the victim “got her pregnant again,” and they “argued over the issue of the child may not be his.” Police said Guo and the victim were “in an intimate relationship” for five years and already shared a 3-year-old.

As the couple fought, she told police she “stabbed him in the leg” because she was “angry” at the victim when he “questioned if the child was his.” Guo insisted she “was not trying to kill him,” and he “didn’t appear to be in pain.” After the attack, she said she went to the drug store to grab water, rubbing alcohol, ibuprofen, and “greens.” However, she forgot to pick up something pretty important in this situation — bandages. As time went on, she recalled the victim’s “eyes went dull,” and he was “cold and said he may die.”

As for why she cut off his penis? Per the affidavit, Guo explained she wanted “to see if [the victim] would wake up” and “even told him she was going to cut it off” beforehand — but he didn’t respond. Umm… WTF?! Couldn’t she have shaken his shoulders or given him a little shove? If she wanted to see if he’d wake up, why would she go to such extremes and chop off a private part?! Guo also told police she used two different knives — one to stab him in the leg and the other for his penis.


Guo was charged with second-degree murder. She is being held on a $1 million bond and will appear in court on May 22. Reactions to this gruesome case? Let us know in the comments below.

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[Image via Mesa County Sheriff’s Office]

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