Uvalde Suffers Another Juvenile Shooting On First Week Back To School

Oh no… Why here? Why now??

According to shocking reports from local news outlets, there has been another shooting with multiple victims in Uvalde, Texas. The incident took place at around 5:30 p.m. on Thursday at Uvalde Memorial Park.

San Antonio’s KSAT says there were at least two victims, both juveniles. Not only that, the suspect police are searching for is also a juvenile. A devastating aftershock for a community that experienced one of the worst school shootings in history less than four months ago.

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The Texas Department of Public Safety explained this is not an active shooter situation per se, but rather, it’s suspected to be gang-related violence. The DPS told the public:

“This information is preliminary, as the situation develops we will work with local law enforcement to provide updates.”

The two young victims were flown to San Antonio Memorial Hospital. Police say they know the name of the suspect at large and are choosing not to reveal it to the public. They are assuring the community this is “not a dangerous situation for the general public.” However, they did tell the public to avoid Uvalde Memorial Park for the time being.

All this is taking place just two days after the first day back to school since the devastating shooting at Robb Elementary back on May 24, in which 19 students and 2 teachers were killed. Sending positive thoughts to the victims, but also to the victims of that tragic day — who have been forced to witness a horrifying echo of it all these months later.

[Image via MSNBC/YouTube.]

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