Tom Sandoval Tried To Break Up With Ariana Madix Before Affair Reveal Because ‘They Stopped Having Sex’??

No matter how heartbroken Ariana Madix may be, Tom Sandoval is seemingly hoping we’ll all cut him some slack for cheating on her!

The entire Vanderpump Rules cast has been embroiled in the Scandoval between their co-stars Ariana, Tom, and Raquel Leviss for the last week. As we’re sure you know by now, Ariana and Tom (who had been dating for nine years) shockingly broke up last Wednesday after Ariana discovered her beau had been sneaking around with Raquel for seven months!

The aftermath of this discovery has rocked the entire Bravo community, especially because nobody — not even Miz Lisa Vanderpump or Andy Cohen — suspected anything was amiss between the couple! But according to a new insider for The US Sun, this breakup really shouldn’t be a surprise to the 37-year-old, despite the dramatic way things ended.

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Opening up to the outlet on Wednesday, a source claimed Ariana and Tom’s relationship had been on a downward spiral before the affair was exposed, they dished:

“Tom and Ariana’s relationship wasn’t perfect. They were having issues these past few months.”

These “issues” were apparently pretty much all concerning the bedroom, the insider continued:

“They hadn’t been intimate in a while. There came a point where they stopped having sex.”

Soooo…. just ’cause they weren’t having sex, he thought it was okay to go f**k around with (potentially) *multiple* other women behind his longtime partner’s back?! Mkay.

The source didn’t elaborate on the problems in the relationship, except to say things were bad enough the TomTom co-owner “tried to break up with Ariana before.” For unknown reasons, they never actually split, though. It’s unclear when the businessman tried to end things — as in, was it before or after he and Raquel started getting cozy?! A very important distinction to make! In our opinion, “past few months” doesn’t sound like things went downhill for the former couple long ago… certainly not half a year ago. So, Tom still has plenty of explaining to do! Because no matter how imperfect a relationship may be, it’s no excuse to start cheating! Break things off and then move on to something new. It’s really not that hard!

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As for why the breakup attempts never resulted in a split, a source for Page Six also argued the musician was “worried” about Ariana’s “mental health” which is why he didn’t come clean about the affair sooner. But, um, we’d say this scenario is a LOT worse than what would’ve happened if he’d handled this privately first!

By the way, it sure sounds like the source is just trying to turn this PR crisis in favor of Tom. Who else would be arguing it was OK for him to cheat?! Also, we know Tom’s been saying similar things to his ex-girlfriend! On Wednesday, Kristen Doute said on the Sex, Love, and What Else Matters podcast:

“That actually shocked me [that Tom wasn’t acting very apologetic]. He was blaming her [Ariana] and gaslighting her. Like, ‘You know we haven’t been happy and you know, you weren’t supportive of my endeavors.’”

Again, no amount of unhappiness makes it right to sleep around! Perhaps it’s good the relationship finally ended if Tom couldn’t figure this out before cheating… Thoughts?! Sound OFF (below)!

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