Estranged Wife Of Garcelle Beauvais’ Son Oliver Claims They WERE Together During Raquel Leviss Makeout!

The Scandoval keeps getting messier!

As you most likely know, Ariana Madix and Tom Sandoval ended things last week when she discovered he’d been cheating on her with their Vanderpump Rules co-star Raquel Leviss. This supposedly has been going on for seven months behind her back. But that wasn’t the only time Raquel was the other woman!

Months before the scandal erupted, the 28-year-old made headlines during filming last year for her kiss with Garcelle Beauvais‘ son Oliver Saunders. His wife, Samantha Saunders, slammed him for kissing her and planning “to continue to go on a date with Raquel” despite getting caught.

Oof. During Wednesday’s episode of the Bravo series, viewers saw the makeout between Raquel and Oliver go down during a girl’s trip to Las Vegas with Lala Kent, Katie Maloney, and Kristina Kelly. The group invited Oliver, who was their server at Vanderpump à Paris, to hang out with them at a club. While Lala had a crush and seemed to connect with him during the outing, Raquel swooped in and stole her guy. As the momma said in a confessional:

“It is strange to me, though. Raquel had zero interest in Oliver until I said, ‘Damn! He kinda foine.’ And then, all of a sudden, she’s treating this like a pageant and is in competition mode with me.”

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The two eventually began to kiss while out on the dance floor. At the time, Lisa Vanderpump believed he and his wife were “separated” – and Oliver also said they were broken up. But the problem is that doesn’t seem to be the case! Samantha fired back and insisted to Entertainment Tonight on Wednesday that she and Oliver were still together at the time:

“We were together. I blame him. He was the married man. He chose to lie and cheat. Of course, I’m not happy with Raquel, but no, it’s his fault all this happened! It’s very traumatic for me. We had an amazing marriage and were best friends. He was a great stepdad and dad. Everything changed when he was so desperate for the camera and fame. He truly will do anything. It’s scary and sad.”

She added:

“Raquel said she confronted him at the date that was filmed, but I can’t trust either one so I don’t truly know what was said on that date after everything came out.”

Samantha then claimed “Raquel called” her after she publicly slammed Oliver for cheating:

“We talked on the phone the day that I aired all his stuff out. I did not want him to write a false narrative of what happened. I was told to say nothing because we want to protect his reputation, but how is that fair!? He wrecked a whole family! My kids were devastated.”


Despite Oliver’s claims on the show, she then shared that they never planned to get a divorce until after she found out about his infidelity:

“We had no plans of divorce until I found out what he did at the beginning of September. I also found tons of other women he was cheating on me within his direct messages. Yes, he wants to be on any show. My understanding is he was telling Lisa Vanderpump we separated so he told the girls and thought he should go out with them when they came to town. I then had a gut feeling something was off when he posted the picture with the girls.”

However, Oliver denied everything – claiming that they were separated when the kiss with Raquel happened. He told ET in a statement:

“I was separated from Samantha when the show shot. I had my own place and I’m trying to get divorced ASAP. The only thing that matters to me is taking care of my son. Everything else is irrelevant.”

For her part, Raquel previously claimed to Page Six that she discovered Oliver was married before they went on a date, and he “misled” her into thinking that he was single at the time. The former pageant queen also stressed that they never hooked up, calling his behavior “unacceptable.” Do you know what else is considered “unacceptable,” Raquel? Her having a months-long affair with Sandoval behind Ariana’s back — while remaining close friends. Just saying!

What does Oliver’s momma have to say about this whole situation? Garcelle reacted to her son’s infidelity in an interview with E! News on Tuesday, saying:

“Listen, my son’s a grown man and he makes decisions. And I’m not always okay with all the decisions that he makes. I need to see the episode that he’s in before I can speak on it and I haven’t seen it yet.”

No word yet on whether or not she’s seen the episode. But considering her son is another chapter in the Scandoval, it wouldn’t be shocking if she’s seen the kiss between them by now. As for the Vanderpump Rules drama, the 56-year-old television personality said she doesn’t want to get involved:

“All sounds like a mess to me! It’s a mess and I was no part of it!”

Lolz! That is understandable! It is a nasty situation – especially as more details keep coming out by the day! She even told Oliver to “Keep me out of it” when he posted a promo for this week’s episode. Ch-ch-check it out (below):

What a crazy situation. And we bet things will only get more complicated and messy from here! Reactions, Perezcious readers? Let us know in the comments below!

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