The VERY Heartwarming Reason Clare Crawley Had 3 Proposals — And Wants 2 Weddings With Fiancé Ryan Dawkins!

Clare Crawley is opening up about her unconventional proposals to fiancé Ryan Dawkins — and why they’re planning to have several weddings!

On Wednesday’s episode of Ben Higgins and Ashley Iaconetti’s Almost Famous podcast, the former Bachelorette gushed about her relationship with the Mascot Sports CEO — as well as his special connection to her mother, Lilia, who’s battling Alzheimer’s disease and dementia.

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The couple first got engaged earlier this month at the RiSE Lantern Festival. But they decided they’d do it all over again for her mother’s sake, Clare explained:

“He proposed to me at the RiSE Festival. We came back to Sacramento and he asked my mom for her blessing again, and when he did that he got down on a knee again, and proposed to me in front of my mom so she could be there for it.”

That must have been so emotional! Since Clare also wanted to have a role in the engagements, they opted for a THIRD proposal when she popped the question to Ryan, she added:

“We are very progressive people. I didn’t get down on a knee, but I proposed to him as well. So if people see him with a ring on his finger it’s because I proposed to him as well. He thought, ‘If you get to wear a ring, why don’t I get to wear a ring?’”


They’re planning to stick with this theme of abundance while they prepare to officially tie the knot. Since Lilia cannot be in large crowds due to her health, the lovebirds will first get married in a private ceremony with her — and then they’ll likely jet off for a more lavish ceremony after! The reality star teased:

“We want two weddings. I want [one] because my mom is not able to travel or be around a lot of people, it’s overwhelming for her. I just want a special moment with her, for us to have a small, intimate ceremony.”

Sweetly, it is just as important for Ryan to have Lilia in attendance for their nuptials, Claire revealed:

“[Dawkins] knows how much my mom means to me and how important she is in our lives. He also wants her to be there for the wedding. Time is precious and time is limited, so we want one with her, just a small intimate thing, and then… maybe a destination.”

Love it!! Clare’s mom has always been so important to her, it’s great she has a support system who loves and respects her momma just the same! It’s not a one-sided connection either, the 41-year-old continued of her momma:

“She loves Ryan, which is everything to me. Every time that we’re in Sacramento he comes with me. He’ll literally ask, ‘Can I come with you to see your mom?’”

ADORBZ! Partner goals right there!

Later on in the podcast, Clare also opened up about how she met Ryan — and what it was like to get into a new relationship so soon after her tough breakup with Dale Moss! Apparently, she and Ryan had connected via social media while she was still linked to Moss, to whom she also got engaged. Once the TV personality’s relationship was over for good, Ryan “immediately” slid into her DMs. LOLz! Clare reflected:

“We had never met in person, but we had met through social media and kept in contact, always messaged each other, just stayed friends. He was respectful of my relationship and everything… But he knew when I became single and reached out. That was a very, very low point. He was just the sweetest guy. He just was so patient.”

Despite the fact she was deeply struggling through heartbreak, she decided to meet up with Ryan, where sparks flew instantly:

“I told him I didn’t want to go to dinner, I didn’t have an appetite or anything. And he was like, ‘Let’s just get tea.’ … I was so ill, hadn’t eaten in days, just so depressed and struggling, hadn’t gotten out of bed in days… hadn’t laughed in months… We sat there for four hours and just laughed and laughed and laughed.”

Aw! How special.

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Understanding the strong connection they had and not wanting to squander it, she decided not to pursue a relationship with Ryan right away, she explained:

“He was too good to be a rebound, so I waited until he wasn’t. He gave me a lot of space. He dated other people, I dated other people and then we kind of came back together and it was even better than the first time.”

Such a bold move! So glad it worked! And it did…

It was happily ever after from then on, leading to a proposal (the first one) that left her “totally surprised.” The hairstylist dished:

“It was literally the most unexpected thing. We were just living our life, doing our thing and here we are. … I had no clue. We always talked about getting engaged. Our life together felt so natural. It’s been the same for a while. To me, it was just we were going on a trip… I’d be like, ‘When are we getting engaged?’ And he’d say, ‘2023, baby. 2023 is our year!’”

Leading up to their trip to Las Vegas, she tried digging for hints, asking whether she should get her nails done and be photoshoot ready, but he wouldn’t tell her anything! Clare recalled:

“Afterwards I was like, ‘Why did you not at least tell me to put on waterproof mascara?’ He’s like, ‘Because I didn’t want to make it obvious. I didn’t want you to know.’”

She may not have felt prepared but she still looked stunning!!! And it was a perfect night, she expressed:

“[Last year] I wanted to give up on life, I wanted to give up on relationships, I wanted to give up on being vulnerable and open. I was just tired of everything. [At the RiSE festival,] I thought, ‘If I had given up, I wouldn’t have been experiencing one of the greatest moments of my life with the man of my dreams.’”

So powerful!

We’re so glad they found each other and are in a better place now! Here’s to two exciting weddings to look forward to!!

[Image via Clare Crawley/Instagram]

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