Kanye West Doubles Down On George Floyd, Reveals How Much Money He Has, Says Kim Kardashian Divorce Is Only ‘On Paper,’ & More!

Kanye West is continuing to dig that hole for himself in yet another interview.

As we previously reported, the 45-year-old rapper guested on Piers Morgan Uncensored, which airs on TalkTV Friday night, during which he tried to defend threatening to go “death con 3 on the Jewish people” on Twitter, saying he was a “fighting fire with fire.” He refused to apologize for his antisemitic remarks – except for creating “confusion” with the tweet, which he said was aimed at the Jewish “business people” who he believes wronged him. Clearly, Ye either does not understand his comment was still offensive and problematic or doesn’t care — considering he’s continued to double down on his stance since the controversy started.

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While it seems like a good portion of his interview with Piers Morgan focused on his antisemitism, the Yeezy fashion designer had a lot more to say on a wide variety of topics.

The Trump Love Continues

Just as he did during the Drink Champs podcast last weekend, Kanye said he classifies himself as a Jewish person while discussing the misconceptions about him, especially after his public support of Donald Trump:

“Let’s go back to Trump running for office, back in 2015… Everyone that was around me and my industry, in the entertainment industry, told me that my life would be over, I would be on the wrong side of history. I’ve even had threats to my life for wearing the Trump hat! And it even ended up in – you know, destroying my family, and also making it where I have to raise my children differently because I actually am a person that’s classified as Black, you know, I classify myself as Jew.”

Huh?? He continued:

“But a person is classified, that has been given that title in America, as Black, in America that I’m supposed to stay in a block of a vote. You never heard the term white vote. So why is your term black vote? How’s that? Okay, it sounds just as racist as a black drinking fountain.”

Sorry, is he conflating being judged for the support of a racist authoritarian who’s been credibly accused of sexual assault, stealing from charity, and now stealing classified documents… with being oppressed for his race? If so, oof. (If not, sorry, it’s all a bit of a word salad.)

Bank Account Drained?

Amid reports that he’s blowing “through money like it’s water,” Kanye went on to confess that he doesn’t have enough unlimited resources to “go to war” since he only has “$120 million” in his bank account:

“I’m my dad, call me and said, you know, ‘the thing that the left fear about Ye’ or makes me the most dangerous is, I’m rich. And that’s the point. Tupac told me back in the days you know, ‘you had to get your money, right, and then you go to war’. So, I’m going to war. You know, I don’t have endless resources. I only have like, maybe, honestly, only maybe $120 million in my account. But what I’m not going to let happen is, I’m not going to let my kids take over Yeezy someday and have a boardroom telling them what to do and talking behind their back… I’m not gonna let that happen to my children, so I have to fight right now. And the other powerful icons and black music when they are at the top of the game, they didn’t fight at that point, they were too afraid of losing whatever they had.”

More George Floyd…

As we previously reported, Kanye spewed the incorrect claim that George Floyd’s death was caused by fentanyl and not the former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin pinning his knee into his neck for more than nine minutes. Despite being sued by Floyd’s family for $250 million for his comments, the Stronger artist doubled down on his claim, saying he has the “right to question it” since he is “the most influential person on the planet.” Yeah, he really said that. Even though a coroner who examined him ruled his death was a homicide, Kanye, a famous musician, thinks he knows better.

“Do you have friends that were killed by police officers? Do you have friends that were locked up? Do you have people aborting half your race? No. So I am the Black person with the Black experience that’s worth $11 billion.”

$11 billion?! What happened to $120 mil? We guess he’s just not a very liquid billionaire… He continued:

“And as the most influential person on the planet, I am questioning it. And I have a right to question it… You can’t tell me with your accent that, me as an American, Jew, Black person, that I cannot question that death…”

As for the lawsuit? He simply stated:

“Well, anybody who loses a loved one, my heart goes out to them, any race. My heart goes out to the pain of that.”

Following his antisemitic controversy on social media, Kanye has been locked out of Twitter and restricted on Instagram — leading him to possibly purchase right-wing social media platform Parler. In the interview, the Jesus Walks musician shared that he talked with Trump about the ordeal, saying:

“Actually, I was talking to Trump a couple of days ago, and he was like, I’m not going to do his voice right…but he was saying…’You know, I had 277 million followers and the next day I had nothing’ and that related to you know, Mark Zuckerberg – Meta, you know, Mark Zuckerberg thinks he is the government. These tech companies feel they’re more powerful than the US Government to the point of actually kicking the actual President of the United States off of an American social media platform. This is the world we live in.”

But that’s not all he had to say…

Kanye Unhinged

While talking about freedom of speech elsewhere in the interview, the father of four claimed Quentin Tarantino stole the idea for the award-winning 2012 movie Django Unchained from him — as it was allegedly meant to be the video concept for Gold Digger.

“So whether you agree with me or not, I believe people are going to feel the fact that someone is brave enough to say something. Every day I do five things that people have been historically killed for. Every day.”

Huh?! He continued:

“There are no limits to free speech, it’s all context right? Tarantino can write a movie about slavery where, actually – him and Jamie, they got the idea from me because the idea for Django, I pitched to Jamie Foxx, and Quentin Tarantino as the video for Gold Digger, and then Tarantino turned into a film. But in that film, he puts a context, he creates a context where Leonardo DiCaprio is allowed to use the [N-word] multi- multiple times, within that context.”

OK, we think we see what he’s getting at… The limits of speech should be judged on an individual basis, in context? But by that same logic, shouldn’t the context that Trump was purposely spreading harmful misinformation come into play here? Like yelling FIRE in a crowded theater, there are some things you can do, solely by speaking, that cause harm. Or, say, we don’t know… spreading false allegations about the victim of a murder.

Kim Kardashian 4 Ever

Later, when Piers asks if Kanye is “sad” about his divorce from Kim Kardashian at one point, he expressed they will “always be together” and their divorce is only “on paper,” explaining:

“Yeah, there’s no person that you’ll ever get with that will influence her more than God and then her priest on Earth, which was me… I may be divorced on paper but I’m not divorced of the idea of being the protector… Her name is no longer West. And my name is now only Ye. If we were ever to be together again, what would our name be? Kimye?”

Then, asked if Kanye still loves The Kardashians star, he replied:

“Absolutely, and I will love her for life, and oddly enough I will protect her.”

Um… isn’t she having to boost security to the kids’ school because of things he’s said on social media? Not to mention riling up his followers with his anger. How is he protecting her? If anything he’s making her less safe every day!

And of course, Kanye, who did a real 180 in the past few years on his ex-wife putting her sexuality out there — we mean, he did make the Bound 2 music video — couldn’t help but throw some shade at her recent Interview magazine cover where she showed off her butt in a jockstrap:

“Kim to you know, as a billionaire mother, a lawyer, and a mother of four Jew, Black children – to do covers, like ‘Interview,’ and that’s what happens when they take the dads out the home and that’s what they’ve been doing in the ‘hood. They take the fathers, and the leaders, out of the homes.”

Kanye… Who is they?? You took yourself out of that home. You moved to Wyoming. That was your choice! Wow…

Clearly, Kanye doesn’t plan on stopping anytime soon. Reactions, Perezcious readers? Sound OFF in the comments below.

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