Paris Hilton’s ‘Heart Is Broken’ As She Searches For Missing Dog Diamond Baby, Offers ‘Big Reward’ For Return

Paris Hilton is going through a scary time.

Any animal lover can relate to the incredible bond that develops between you and your furry friend, and how they become a highly valued member of your family. Well, imagine losing that family member. Sadly, that’s exactly what the heiress is going through right now, as she took to Instagram Monday to share news of her painful situation. She wrote:

“This is so incredibly hard for me to post because I’ve been at a loss of words. Diamond Baby @HiltonPets has been missing since last Wednesday. I was at a photoshoot and we’re moving houses and one of the movers must have left a door open. My family and friends have been helping me search high and low throughout my entire neighborhood and have gone door to door but we still haven’t found her.”

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Ugh, you can just feel the pain through her words. Paris continued:

“We have hired a pet detective, a dog whisperer, a pet psychic and looking into dog finding drones now. I’m doing everything in my power to get her back. Anyone who has ever loved a pet and lost a pet will understand this pain that I’m feeling — My heart is broken. I have been in tears, so sad and depressed. I feel like part of me is missing and nothing is the same without her here. Diamond Baby is my everything, truly like a daughter to me. We were inseparable, she was my best friend and always by my side.”

See what we mean! That bond is SO strong! The 41-year-old is literally trying EVERYTHING to get her little baby back. She then reluctantly concluded:

“I’ve been scared to put out an APB to the public for her because people can be cruel and I worry about her safety but I’m desperate and the more time that passes, the farther away I feel from the chances are of me getting her back. If you have ANY tips about Diamond Baby’s whereabouts or feel like you have seen her — Please reach out to the email address: There will be a big reward for her return and NO questions asked. Please, please, please email if you know ANYTHING and please keep an eye out for my baby. #LostDog #FindDiamondBaby”

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You heard her, Perezcious readers… If you see Diamond Baby, or know anything about where she might be, let Paris know! Let’s get her dog back home safely! See her full post (below):

Sadly, this isn’t the first time this Hilton has had a beloved pup go missing. In 2004, the late and iconic Tinkerbell went missing after a home robbery. Six days later, the chihuahua reappeared, thankfully. We can only hope Diamond Baby safely returns home soon!

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