Love Is Blind Stars Deepti Vempati & Kyle Abrams Split Up — And He Has Already Moved On!

We were rooting for you! We were all rooting for you!

Love is Blind fan favorites Deepti Vempati and Kyle Abrams have walked away from their budding relationship. This is a major shock to fans of the hit Netflix show, since viewers watched along as the couple’s chemistry built through the newly-released After the Altar episodes which dropped on the streaming service last week! But love apparently wasn’t in the cards after all. On Monday evening, Kyle took to Instagram to announce that he and Deepti broke up.

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The pair had great vibes on Love is Blind after Kyle’s initial link to Shaina Hurley fell apart and Deepti suffered through the worst connection in the history of the series. But all the good feelings built in the unlikely couple’s reconnection on After the Altar apparently weren’t enough to save things. Kyle wrote on his IG last night:

“I understand many of you are curious as to where Deepti and I stand today. Since After the Alter was filmed, we had decided to go our separate ways in early summer. Thank you to everyone who has followed our journey through arduous vulnerability and has supported us along the way.”

So sad! Sucks that it couldn’t have worked out for them. They had such electric interactions on screen!! But Kyle wasn’t done. He also dropped a very interesting tidbit about his current romantic prospects:

“I have since embarked on a new relationship which I intend to keep private for a bit. As for what the future holds, I have not a clue. Going forward I plan to live each day in the present without any regret.”

Whoa! We wonder what’s up with that relationship. Maybe it’s another Love is Blind star?! (OK, most likely not that.) Regardless, we just hope things are going OK for both him and Deepti! Here is his full post revealing their split (below):

In the comments section, co-star Shayne Jensen popped up, writing:

“Don’t worry everyone. I’ll paparazzi the s**t out of them, keep your head on a swivel.”

Shayne, for goodness sake man, take a deep breath. And a f**king nap!

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As for Deepti, she didn’t publicly comment on the split in the hours after Abrams’ announcement. The timing of Kyle’s reveal is definitely interesting, though, since her IG account is full of promo posts for her newly-released book, I Choose Myself. Book release news and breakup news? Truly the highs and lows of life.


Down in the comments below Kyle’s post, fans lamented the split and wondered what might have been:

“Hope you guys were able to stay friends”

“You dont owe anyone an explanation… live your life how you want to”

“While this truly makes me sad, I hope you two have managed to remain friends.”

“Oh man, I was rooting for you two!”

“I don’t think I’ve ever loved and hated a piece of news so much simultaneously”

“You deserve all the love on the world!”

“Are you guys still friends at least?!? I know that was a big concern!”

“Ok did everyone in season 2 officially split lmao”

“wishing you both the best but ugh”

We are feeling lots of those same vibes. The former couple don’t owe the world anything, of course, and we wish them the best on their respective paths. But, oh, man. They seemed so good together! It’s a shame it couldn’t have worked out! Reactions, Perezcious readers?

[Image via Kyle Abrams/Deepti Vempati/Instagram]

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