OMG, This TikToker Has Gone Viral For Making Jewelry From… Semen!

Finally, a small business story with a happy ending!

When Amanda Booth started her new jewelry endeavor, she gave a whole new meaning to the term seed capital! That’s because the TikTok sensation is making her latest pieces with… semen!

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After weeks of making jewelry from breastmilk, the innovative sculptor was asked if she’d ever considered using her man’s essence for an honest-to-goodness “pearl necklace”! She decided to actually try it out and made a video documenting the beginning of the process, leading to… some actually amazing looking results! Late last month she showed off her proof of concept using her husband’s baby batter, and they really are fantastic!


Replying to @browneyedjoy21 okay but be honest…. Did i overdo it?

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This all may seem like a wild idea, but we have to think there are plenty of folks who want to keep a little bit of their man close to their heart. Or their mouth for that matter! Someone get this gurl a deal with Goop! For real though, she’s apparently making a decent income from all the interested buyers! So glad she decided to take a shot!

Of course, sending samples of her hubby’s DNA to every customer would be incredibly problematic — so now that she’s taking orders, it’s strictly your own, er, building materials you have to send her first.

Would YOU buy jewelry made out of man juice?? Learn more about her process (below)!


Stay tuned for results I guess ????????‍♀

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[Image via Amanda Booth/TikTok.]

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