Addison Rae’s Mom & Yung Gravy Are In A Fake ‘PR Relationship’ — He’s Into ‘Young F**king Blonde Girls’?!

OK, so we all saw Addison Rae‘s mom at the VMAs on Sunday night. Sadly, poor Addison had to see it, too…

Amid her ongoing divorce, Sheri Easterling seemed to be getting her groove back with a young hunk, namely rapper Yung Gravy. But… what’s really going on with these two??

Well, according to a source spilling to Page Six on Wednesday, it’s just “viral bait”! The insider claimed:

“It’s a PR relationship. It’s kissing, but it’s not real.”

Could it all be just for show?

It certainly raised Yung Gravy’s profile, that’s for sure! And if Sheri was just trying to get a rise out of her estranged husband, it worked! Monty Lopez lost his shiz on social media seeing Sheri locking lips with a 26-year-old!

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If you were shipping the red carpet couple after hearing Gravy say he originally hit on the 42-year-old simply because he learned she was single and “thought she was fine,” well, we have bad news for you. This source says the rapper was just playing a role and actually likes “young f**king blonde girls like Tana Mongeau“:

“I don’t think he’s just lusting after older ladies in real life. That’s just [not] real.”

This source claimed the rapper, real name Matthew Raymond Hauri, was currently DMing with a 25-year-old friend of theirs on Instagram.

Of course, this isn’t a shock for Easterling. The source says Addison’s momma was the mastermind behind the whole thing, and it was all to get back at Monty, who infamously was accused of having an affair with a girl 20 years his junior. The insider said the plan was “to find the hottest young boy” to show off with:

“It would be Pete Davidson if she could have landed him, but the best case scenario is Yung Gravy.”

Like we said, it was mutually beneficial. Yung Gravy has gotten talked about more this week than in the rest of his yung career! Of course, learning this is all about PR does make it all that much less juicy. And that’s not good for Gravy at all!

Does this make YOU disappointed as a fan? Or just give you more respect for Addison’s momma as a PR genius — who, let’s face it, also probably got a rise in a certain demo who are interested in conquering the “queen of MILFs”??

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