Nikki Bella Picked Out Her Wedding Dress HALF AN HOUR Before The Ceremony!

While most brides spend hours, even days, choosing their wedding dress, several months in advance, that was not the case for Nikki Bella. Apparently, she opted to wait half an hour before walking down the aisle with Artem Chigvintsev in August to choose her gown! WHAT?!

The Total Bellas alum made the shocking confession in a new interview with Brides published on Tuesday, saying:

“People are going to think I’m crazy. I didn’t choose my ceremony dress until 30 minutes before I walked down the aisle. My poor mother!”

Talk about waiting until the last minute! While Nikki did not give any hints to the magazine about the dress, she did share how the piece was one of four outfits she had for her wedding celebration. Wow! As for her reason for so many ensembles? She said:

“The cool thing about being a bride is the fashion journey you get to go on. This is your time to shine and be a star. Sometimes I feel like some people are scared to express themselves in fashion, so they hold back in real life. When it’s your wedding, it’s time to be fearless.”

Fearless is the word! From the few details Nikki spilled in the interview, she was definitely bold with some of her outfit choices.

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In fact, one of the other dresses for the special day the 38-year-old WWE star had purchased while engaged to John Cena! Nikki revealed:

“I had two beautiful dresses that I loved, and they were going to be for a different marriage, but they were my dream and I love them. So, I brought them out to see if I could make them work. What brides will realize when they start searching for the dress is that what you wear is about you as a woman. It has nothing to do with the person that you’re marrying or the people that are attending. It has everything to do with what you’ve envisioned for yourself and how you feel.”

Even though some people might think it’s odd or bad luck or something for her to choose a dress initially meant for a previous wedding, Nikki made it clear to the magazine she never purchased it “for that person.” She explained:

“I bought those dresses for me. People will try to make you think differently and say, ‘Oh, but it was for that person and that wedding.’ But after being on this journey, what I realized was no, I didn’t buy those dresses for that person. Yes, it was going to be for that event, but that event didn’t happen. So my advice to anyone who already has their [wedding] dress and is in the same situation is: If that dress is something you love, wear it. If you don’t, you’re always going to think of it. It’s kind of like your first love, right? You have an attachment to it. Do what makes you happy.”

As long as you feel beautiful and comfortable in your wedding gown (or gowns), that’s all that matters! What can fans expect from her bridal fashion for the day when they finally get to see it? Nikki shared that the one thing she “always wanted to bring into my bridal outfits was elegance” before recalling:

“My Nana has a wall of family wedding photos in her house, and I would always go and look at my great grandmothers’ wedding dresses. There was just something so iconic and timeless about their gowns. I always knew that, on my wedding day, I wanted to wear something that would leave my grandkids staring at pictures of me thinking that they’d want to wear it at any age, too.”


Everyone will just have to wait and see the last-minute look Nikki put together before saying “I Do” when her four-part E! special Nikki Bella Says I Do premieres sometime early next year. We certainly cannot wait to see what she selected — but mostly to see the looks on everyone else’s faces when there’s just 30 minutes left! But in the meantime, you can ch-ch-check out her stunning cover from Brides (below):

Reactions, Perezcious readers? Would you be able to wait until a half hour before your ceremony to choosing a wedding dress? Let us know in the comments below!

[Image via Nikki Bella/Instagram]

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