Nick Cannon Addresses Erratic Dating History: ‘I’ve Failed Miserably’

It seems like all anyone talks about lately is Nick Cannon and his relationships (and his kids, for that matter)! He isn’t unaware of the turbulent nature of his love life, and in a new interview with Shelley Wade of NYC’s 94.7 The Block he gets candid about it.

When asked if he ever thought about marrying again, he replied:

“I’ve failed miserably so many times at monogamy and relationships. But God ain’t done with me.”

Wade pressed on, wondering what all of us are wondering — what would be the “deciding factor” for him to get married again? He joked he’s had “a few mid life crises”, but turned the conversation more serious with a genuine answer:

“I’m liking the man that I’m growing into. And I feel like [I’d marry] someone who will understand me and can stand by me … where they’re weak, you’re strong. And if I can ever find somebody who knows how to hold me down through all my madness, through all my chaos and toxicity, that’s probably somebody I could rock with for life.”

By the sound of it, The Masked Singer host isn’t opposed to one day getting married again! Even though Nick has been in the forefront of many public relationships, he’s only been married once. In 2008, he married Mariah Carey after a whirlwind romance, but the pair divorced in 2016.

There may not be wedding bells in the future just yet, though! The comedian is expecting his eighth child with model Bre Tiesi. He’s also rumored to be expecting a baby with De La Rosa, who recently announced her pregnancy.

Maybe one day Nick will find his special someone and be a bit less Wild N Out (Ha)!

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