Mom Turns Herself In 30 Years After Slitting Baby’s Throat & Burying Him In Front Yard

A shocking confession from a former Oklahoma daycare worker has left authorities stunned!

On December 7, 1993 Meaonia Michelle Allen spent the night at her boss Valoree Brock’s home along with Brock’s son, whom she was dating, and his two children. During the morning of December 8, it’s alleged that Allen got into a physical altercation that caused her to go into labor. She reportedly told no one that she was pregnant and went out to a barn on the property where she gave birth to a son that would come to be known as Baby Doe.

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The new mother carried the baby out of the barn and laid him on an outdoor couch while she went to retrieve a weapon. As stated in an affidavit, she used this weapon to kill her newborn son. The weapon she used has never been identified:

“She retrieved [the weapon] from the house. She then carried the baby behind the well house and cut Baby Doe’s throat.”

So… no one noticed a crying infant lying on a couch outside? Or that Meaonia came inside to grab a weapon? Where was everyone?

Later that morning, Brock noticed what she originally thought was a doll lying in her backyard. Upon closer inspection, she realized it to be the body of a newborn baby, and promptly called the authorities. Seriously, how did no one notice what happened until hours later? Especially if she left the boy’s body in the middle of the backyard in broad daylight? Hmm…

The Oklahoma Chief Medical Examiner’s Office performed an autopsy on Baby Doe and concluded that he was born alive and ruled his death a homicide as a result of his throat being slashed. Homicide detectives conducted multiple interviews, where Valoree stated she didn’t know anyone that was pregnant. This lines up with Meaonia’s claim that she told no one of her pregnancy. Detectives even interviewed Meaonia herself — but no suspects were identified, thus the case went cold. So sad.

Now, 30 years later, the truth is finally coming to light. A special agent was assigned the “Baby Doe case” along with criminalists in the biology unit at the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation Forensic Science Center in October 2020. Together, they decided to submit the DNA that had been taken from the baby’s body in 1993 to Parabon Nanolabs in Virginia. And the DNA results led them somewhere!

On June 15, Allen submitted her own DNA samples so they could test them against the samples of the deceased infant. In a public statement after the samples were tested, authorities said:

“In April 2021, the results from Parabon were reviewed by the OSBI team, and investigative leads as a result of the test results were pursued. Earlier this month, additional DNA testing resulted in Allen being identified as the baby boy’s mother.”

Finally, they had an answer to who Baby Doe was! Shortly after the mother had submitted her DNA, it’s reported she confessed to being the biological mother. In an interview, she first said the baby was stillborn. She said she intended to have the baby at the hospital and put it up for adoption, but that changed when she went into sudden labor. In her next interview, however, she quickly changed her story and admitted to killing the baby boy.

In a press release, the director of the OSBI Ricky Adams applauded the efforts of the team and that Baby Doe’s “killer can finally be held accountable”:

“The synergy between our agents and criminalists to solve cold cases, especially those with an unidentified victim, is to be applauded. Identifying the use of genetic genealogy as a tool and the work of Parabon and our internal genealogy specialist provided significant leads in this disturbing case. Baby Doe can now be properly laid to rest and his killer will be held accountable.”

Meaonia is being held in Choctaw County Jail without bond. It’s unclear at the time if her boyfriend or Valoree knew what happened or if they are going to be investigated. R.I.P. to poor Baby Doe.

[Image via Oklahoma Bureau Of Investigation]

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