New Girl Star Max Greenfield Reveals Sweet Message From Leslie Jordan Days Before His Shocking Death

Max Greenfield is recalling some very sweet — and very funny — memories of the late Leslie Jordan.

Tragically, the actor died suddenly this week after having a suspected medical emergency and crashing his car into a building in Hollywood. Across the entertainment industry, celebs, cast members, and production staffers have been mourning the beloved 67-year-old comedian after his untimely and unexpected passing.

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The New Girl actor did the same in new comments on Thursday night. Greenfield recalled a recent memory he had involving Jordan — and, like much of what the late comedian did, it was joyful, funny, and heartwarming.

According to him, Leslie tried to come to the actor’s recent book release party at a Barnes & Noble store in Los Angeles. It happened just two days before Leslie’s death, amid a promotion event for Max’s project This Book Is Not A Present.

Speaking to E! News about the event, which happened last Saturday, Max explained Leslie was turned away at the door when he tried to come cheer on his friend:

“He tried to get in, but the event was sold out and they didn’t let him in. And he texted me and he was like, ‘I tried to get in. I saw that you was so famous they wouldn’t let me in. And they turned my little ass away.’”


Always one to make fun of himself — and always one to talk up his friends — Leslie revealed the mix-up with a sweet and sassy message for Max:

“And he goes, ‘But congratulations. I couldn’t stay, I had to go anyway because I have important things to do.’”

So funny! And so bittersweet — especially since Max explained that, had he seen the text at the time, he would have insisted Leslie come in and do a reading from the book. And now knowing what happened just days later with the tragedy that took the star’s life… Ugh…

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Max explained the late Call Me Kat star also sent him one more text message, too. Sharing some sarcasm but also being very clearly supportive of the New Girl star’s literary success, Leslie wrote:

“They won’t let me near you, superstar. That’s what you are. Congratulations. I got to run or I would stalk you.”


Thankfully, that’s not the only memory Max has of his beloved friend. In fact, the 43-year-old explained to the outlet that all of Leslie’s humorous and touching social media videos provide a great look into his comedic talent and warm heart:

“I was looking at him the other day [on social media] and I was so happy that he had posted as much as he did. Because I was like, ‘Oh, I could watch these forever.’”

Max also reflected on how Leslie’s career blossomed late in life:

“In these last few years that he had, the world really got to see that and accept it and experience it and he got to experience it and really embrace all of that love. And boy, oh, boy, did he take advantage of it. It was so wonderful to be on the sidelines of that.”

Amen to that! TBH, it just makes us miss Leslie more. We can’t even imagine what his close friends, family, and other loved ones are going through right now.


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