Finneas Feels ‘Lucky To Be Here’ After Scary Injuries From E-Bike Crash!

Finneas feels “lucky to be here” after suffering severe e-bike injury.

The Break My Heart Again singer just filled fans in on a crazzzzy life update in a lengthy Thursday Instagram post, in which he explained he recently broke his collarbone and fractured his elbow. Alongside a photo of his X-ray, he wrote:

“Last Friday, I had the pleasure of crashing my electric bike, flying over the handlebars and absolutely demolishing my collarbone as well as sustaining a radial head fracture to my right elbow.”

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“Absolutely demolishing??” Ouch! If that phrasing wasn’t enough to really detail just how bad it was, Billie Eilish’s older brother then revealed:

“The severity of the displacement of my collarbone meant I required surgery which I am now on the other side of and I’m feeling great! I want to give an enormous thank you to Dr. Brian Lee who performed the surgery, Dr. Neal Elattrache and everyone at Kerlan Jobe for their incredible treatment I feel so privileged to have received. I’d also like to thank Jonathan Erb PT for guiding me through the treatment process as well as the ongoing process of physical rehab I now face.”

Wow! A traumatic injury like that is never fun, but we’re so glad he had such a great medical team to help rehabilitate him. In addition to them, the 25-year-old producer also had some major thanks for his loved ones, adding:

“I also want to thank my family for their support and love, and most of all Claudia [Sulewski] for dropping everything to take care of me the second this happened. She has been an Angel through all of this.”

Claudia, of course, is the musician’s girlfriend, whom he just celebrated his fourth anniversary with last month.

As for fans, don’t fret! He should still be able to perform alongside his little sis in December, noting in his post:

“I’m told with hard work, I’ll be able to play billie’s forum shows come December which I am so grateful for. As foolish as I felt after the fall, my prevailing emotion is gratitude.”

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That gratitude is well-founded, as he revealed he was lacking a bit in the safety department when the crash happened, confessing:

“You see, I was not wearing a helmet. Lesson forever learned. I feel so lucky to still be here. Take care of yourselves, thank your bodies for all that they do for you. See you all again soon.”

See the full post (below):

Wow, things could have really been so much worse for the young artist. Remember when Simon Cowell was rushed to the hospital after being fully knocked unconscious from his own e-bike crash earlier this year in January? Moral of the story: wear your helmets, people!! Never take safety for granted.

Get better soon, Finneas! What are your thoughts on the scary incident, Perezcious readers? Let us know in the comments (below).

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