Love Is Blind Fan Fave Deepti Vempati Claims Villainous Ex Shake Said WHAT About Marrying Her??

Deepti Vempati is dishing more dirt on her awful reality TV ex!

And we don’t blame her for it!! The Love Is Blind alum had a difficult run on Season 2 of the hit Netflix show, as Perezcious readers will recall. Her ex-fiancé Abhishek ‘Shake’ Chatterjee turned out to be a reeeal piece of work.

Upon meeting Deepti after the pods, he almost immediately decided he wasn’t attracted to her. Then, he strung her along throughout — while infamously likening her to an aunt — before she left him at the altar. After that, of course, Shake got in a bizarre war of words with show host Nick Lachey before producers decided not to invite the veterinarian back for that season’s After the Altar special. A s**t show all around! And now, Deepti is dropping a new detail about that sketchy sitch!!

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The beloved reality TV alum is hosting a new podcast with fellow Season 2 star Natalie Lee, and the women are appropriately calling their joint show Out Of The Pods. On this week’s ep, Vempati revealed how Shake allegedly once told Love Is Blind producers that he’d go through with their marriage — IF the steaming giant gave him a free apartment!

Wait, what?!

At the time of this new podcast revelation, the two women were discussing how living quarters were handled on LIB. Basically, producers post contestants in apartments while the show is filming. They fill the apartments with cameras, log footage, edit the finished product, and send it to stream for us to watch!

As Natalie explained, those apartments are meant to be temporary — just for filming:

“They’re just for the duration of filming. You still have your actual apartments. They just live in those shared apartments for filming purposes.”

Makes sense! But apparently Shake wanted more!!

Deepti cut in at that point with a “f**ked up” story about the apartments. As it turned out, her now-ex-fiancé apparently loved their Chicago apartment so much while filming that he tried to negotiate a way to keep it for himself:

“When we were in those apartments, Shake actually told my producer — in front of me — he was like, ‘I will marry Deepti if you let me keep this apartment for two years.’”


And right in front of poor Deepti?! That is seriously the shadiest quid pro quo EVER!!! How is she supposed to react to that? He made it so clear he cared more about the apartment than about her! Vempati added:

“Literally, my jaw dropped. The fact that he thought that he could just say that in front of me…”

Lee’s jaw must have dropped while hearing the story for the first time this week, too, because she asked:

“Wait, was he serious?”

Deepti replied:

“Yes! Well, I don’t know how serious he was, but it sounded very serious. He was like, ‘I just love this apartment.’”


First off, Shake, they’re not going to let you keep the apartment dude. It’s a SET! It’s reality TV, it’s not real! Even if that offer was legit, production is trying to film as fast as possible, get out, and move on to the next season in the next city. Come on, man!!

But more to the heart of the matter: who says that?! And right in front of his supposed soul mate?? We know Shake went hard on the villain arc during LIB‘s second season, but this is too much. So manipulative!!

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A quick check of his socials on Wednesday morning shows Shake hasn’t clapped back (yet) on Deepti’s new podcast chat with the apartment allegations.

However, he is promoting this new live and virtual show in which he’ll be a “special guest DJ” on Thursday night:


Will he dish some dirt while DJing?

Anyways, new episodes of Love Is Blind are right around the corner! Season 4 drops on Netflix on Friday!!!

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