Kid Cudi Goes NUDE — Then Goes OFF On Kanye West About His Divorce From Kim Kardashian: ‘Own Up To Your S**t’

Kid Cudi wants to make it clear he has no interest in mending the fences with ex-best friend Kanye West after being dragged into the middle of his messy divorce with Kim Kardashian.

In a new interview published by Esquire on Wednesday, the 38-year-old rapper opened up about a range of topics about his life, including the love he has gained for himself in recent years. He told the outlet:

“I actually can say, at 38, that I love myself. And I couldn’t have said that six years ago. I can say that with confidence now and truly believe it, and it shows.”

To prove how much he loves himself, Cudi (real name Scott Mescudi) left little to the imagination for his cover shot as he wore nothing but a Dior sock on his peen while crossing his arms and sporting Jacques Marie Mage shades, a necklace, and earrings. He also posed shirtless in several other pictures, including one in which he wore a pair of pants and a Dior tartan blanket over his shoulder. Ch-ch-check it out (below):

Great Scott!

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But beyond self-confidence, he has also gained “zero tolerance for the wrong energies” when it comes to the people he surrounds himself with — which brings us to his feud with Kanye.

As you may know, the two artists used to be friends and frequent collaborators for several years. However, they had a very public falling out earlier this year when Ye removed Cudi from his Donda 2 album just because he was friends with Pete Davidson, who was in a relationship with Kim at the time. Ye went on to publicly blast the Day ‘n’ Nite musician, posting a throwback picture with Cudi, Pete, and Timothée Chalamet at dinner together — but putting a big X the Saturday Night Live alum’s face. The Don’t Look Up star soon fired back at Kanye for kicking him off the album, saying it is “too bad I don’t want to be on your album you f**kn dinosaur hahaha.”

Speaking with Esquire about the end of his friendship with Kanye, Cudi slammed the father of four for not accepting the divorce with Kim and instead dragging everyone else, including him, into his problems. He said:

“If you can’t be a grown man and deal with the fact that you lost your woman? That’s not my f**king problem. You need to own up to your s**t like every man in this life has. I’ve lost women, too. And I’ve had to own up to it. I don’t need that in my life. I don’t need it. I’m not one of your kids. I’m not Kim. It don’t matter if I’m friends with Pete or not friends with Pete. None of this s**t had anything to do with me.”

Very true!

The dad then noted he was really “pissed” about the situation due to how the nasty comments from Kanye’s fans impacted his mental health:

“Do you know how it feels to wake up one day, look at your social media, and you’re trending because somebody’s talking some s**t about you? And then you got this person’s trolls sending you messages on Instagram and Twitter? All in your comments? That s**t pissed me off. That he had the power to f**k with me that week. That he used his power to f**k with me. That pissed me off. You f**king with my mental health now, bro.”

While he still has a ton of “love” for Kanye, he reassured everyone they would not be mending their friendship anytime soon:

“I’m at a place in my life where I have zero tolerance for the wrong energies. I’ve watched so many people throughout the years that are close to him be burned by him doing some f**ked up s**t. And then they turn around and forgive him. And there’s no repercussions. You’re back cool with this man. He does it over and over.”

Sounds like Kanye and his hero have a lot in common. Scott added:

“With all due respect, I’m not Drake, who’s about to take a picture with him next week and be friends again, and their beef is squashed. That’s not me. It’s gonna take a motherf**king miracle for me and that man to be friends again. I don’t see it happening. He gon’ have to become a monk.”

And before anyone thinks he was shading Drake with this comment, Cudi later took to Twitter to let everyone know that he was not his intention at the moment, writing:

“Just to be clear, I wasnt tryna throw a shot at Drake. I got love 4 him. My point I was tryna make is that im not so forgiving. Meaning he might be a lil nicer than me in that situation w dude. Thats all. Maybe that came off wrong thru my words. So yea, all good w Drake”

Sounds like it’s safe to say there won’t be any hope for a future reconciliation between Kid Cudi and Kanye! Reactions, Perezcious readers? You can ch-ch-check out the entire interview with Esquire HERE.

[Image via Late Night with Seth Meyers/YouTube, WENN]

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