Is 13 Going On 30 Star Christa B. Allen Dating The Game?! See The Steamy TikTok Evidence HERE!

Christa B. Allen and The Game have led some fans to believe they are more than just friends.

Christa is entering her Hot Girl Summer era and has no apologies about it! The 13 Going On 30 star took to TikTok Monday to tease and confuse fans with the possibility of a some sort of situationship involving herself and the hunky rapper.

Christa starts off the TikTok solo, looking somber as ever while sharing the news that she is recently single by stating “when you just broke up BUT…” However, the vid quickly transitions to a clip of her walking side-by-side with The Game, who has his arm draped around her before the two go in for a smooch. She captioned the clip “You just broke up ” with a smirking emoji, implying that while she’s saddened by the end of her relationship (as evidenced by the first clip and its caption), she is now single and freed up to live that hot girl lifestyle.

The video also had a popular audio over it, which stated in the first half “What’s up you guys, I absolutely can’t take it anymore,” adding to the sadness of her breakup, before transitioning to Megan Thee Stallion saying “What’s up y’all, it’s me again, the motherfu**ing hot girl coach.” LOLz! We love a free woman!

See the steamy TikTok HERE!

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As mentioned before, fans were rightfully confused by the video. One in particular commented: 

“How dare you post this without any context.”

To which Christa replied:

“Full context! I’m a single woman doing single woman things.”

Single woman things like getting steamy with The Game? Ok, ok, we see you!

Also of note? Christa was in attendance of the Eazy rapper’s 4th of July party on Monday, where she shared a few pics on Instagram getting “Ju-litttttt.” Points for the word play! 

Christa B. Allen The Game Party
(c) Christa B. Allen/Instagram

However, Christa may have just been doing it all in an attempt to get out of her breakup funk! The Game told People Tuesday that he and the now-30-year-old are not romantically linked, stating: 

“Christa and I have mutual friends — she attended my Fourth of July party and I hopped on her TikTok. She’s a beautiful woman, but we’re not dating.”

He later confirmed that he is in fact dating someone else.

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Hmmm… That TikTok kiss did seem a bit on the intimate side if he has another lady at home — but like he said, Christa is a beautiful woman. Who knows, maybe the celebs abandoned the American theme for the 4th of July party for a French one? Seems apt this year… But we’re just spitballing here.

Christa B. Allen The Game Party
(c) Christa B. Allen/Instagram

All we know is Christa, you’re finally 30, flirty, and thriving!

What do YOU think of Christa and The Game’s TikTok? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

[Images via Christa B. Allen/Instagram/TikTok & Sony/YouTube]

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