Bam Margera Seen Partying In New Video Taken While On The Run From Rehab!

We’re sorry to report it seems Bam Margera did relapse while he was out of treatment in June.

As we’ve been reporting, the Jackass star disappeared from his rehab facility in Florida twice last month. While he was thankfully found safe both times, it was always unclear whether or not he had actually relapsed. But now new details are now coming to light about what he got up to during his time away from treatment — and it’s not good.

According to a source who spoke with TMZ on Wednesday, while the reality star was away from rehab, he went on a bender with friends. There’s even a video to prove it. Oh, no…

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The outlet learned that the relapse occurred after Bam left the LifeSkills residential facility on June 25, his second time fleeing supposedly “without permission.” An insider told TMZ the 42-year-old met up with some friends at a sports bar in Pompano Beach that day, where he indulged in a couple of alcoholic drinks.

Someone who was out with the stunt performer claimed that Bam then asked to be taken to the hospital for his injured wrist, which he broke during a skateboarding accident. He says he drove Bam to the hospital where he was instructed to take a pic of him on a hospital bed, per Bam’s request. It’s unclear if Bam was ever treated, though he had complained about not getting the correct care for his injury while in rehab.

Afterward, Bam allegedly left and went to a strip club. Innerestingly, he supposedly told people around him to keep the dancers off of him since he loves his wife, Nikki Boyd, and son, Phoenix Wolf. This report, of course, comes after the sad recent news that the couple split.

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After hitting up the strip club, Bam then went to a friend’s house. In a heartbreaking video shared with the outlet, the TV personality can be seen jamming out to music in a car before partying inside with friends — then appearing to lose consciousness briefly. He was picked up a few hours later by another friend, TMZ shared. You can see the troubling footage (below):

Wow… So sad.

This comes months after Bam celebrated the completion of a year-long sobriety treatment program. After he was reported missing on the 25th, police staged an intervention with many family members showing up in person and over the phone on the 27th, when they found him at a hotel in Deerfield Beach. He ultimately agreed to go back to rehab, but this time he would be checking into a new facility. We really hope he is able to get back on track.

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