Honey Boo Boo Gets Backlash For New Video Using ‘Ghetto’ Accent

Honey Boo Boo is in some serious trouble after she went live on TikTok and showed off her new “ghetto” accent. Yeah… yeesh.

The shocking clip shows the 17-year-old, whose real name is Alana Thompson, speaking in a “blaccent” and using phrases form African-American Vernacular English — something you’d think everyone her age knows by now NOT to do if you’re not Black! In the video from last week, Alana puts on the accent she herself refers to as “f**king ghetto” in retaliation to commenters making fun of her southern accent.

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A fan screen recorded the video and posted it to Twitter, which you can watch (below):


Between the AAVE and the head tapping, which in case you’re unfamiliar is what’s done to relieve an itch when wearing a wig — it’s clear what she’s doing! And it’s not a good look. Some commenters under the tweet went off on the Here Comes Honey Boo Boo star:

“Umm no”

“No the wig taps at the end, she knew what she did right there…”

“She knows damn well she don’t sound like that”

“she can’t be serious rn.”

“I blame Mama June she’s somehow responsible for this I don’t know how but I know that for sure”

“she’s in her racist era”

After seeing the backlash, Alana took to her Instagram Stories over the weekend to issue an apology. But for an apology it sure has a lot of deflection…

She maintained the video was taken out of context and the people who shared it were purposefully only showing a clip they knew would get the “most views.” The teen added she was simply doing the accent to “troll” people who commented and told her how “ghetto” her speaking voice is:

“i was proving a point to the karen’s that love to have an opinion on everything!”

The Toddlers & Tiaras alum went on to say she’s sorry if she offended anyone:

“if in any way i did disrespect anyone i apologize. i never meant for it to come off like that.”

The reality TV star also addressed the head taps she did, writing:

“in no way was I being rude or disrespectful by the head taps. I [understand] that people use that method to relieve [an] itch when they have a hairstyle. I’m fully aware, I also love trying new wigs as well.”

So she’s saying it’s OK because she also wears wigs? Is she saying she wasn’t making fun? Hmm… Kind of clashes with her saying she was purposely trolling…

Finishing up the lengthy defense, the TLC star also said this is the “last time” she will speak on the matter.

Hopefully Alana realizes this was not the way to go and learns from this… Reactions, Perezcious readers?

[Image via Instagram/TikTok/Alana Thompson]

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