Heartstopper’s Kit Connor Undergoes Massive Fitness Transformation — Blinding Abs Ahead!!

Whoa! Talk about a Heartstopper! And a jaw-dropper, too! The star of last year’s lovely LGBT love story on Netflix has come out again… as RIPPED this time!

Kit Connor apparently needs to be swoll for an upcoming role because he’s in training with powerlifting trainer Nathaniel Massiah. The latter shared a video to his YouTube channel this week showing highlights of a workout session with the Brit rising star. And it seems the 19-year-old is no longer little Nick Nelson, the adorable high school kid just coming to grips with his sexuality.

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Watch him put up a lot of weight — pumping his torso into pure steel (below)!

Oh, and here’s a better look at the results of all that hard work!

Whoa! How is that the same adorable kiddo coming out to his mom?? Amazing!

We have no idea what project this is for. Per IMDB, his upcoming roles are in A Cuban Girl’s Guide to Tea and Tomorrow, another YA romance, and a mystery movie called One Of Us. Is he playing a wrestler in one of these?? LOLz! We’re guessing this is something that hasn’t been announced yet.

What do YOU think of Kit’s transformation??

[Image via Netflix/Nathaniel Massiah/YouTube.]

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