Dakota Johnson Wants People To LEAVE HER OUT Of THIS Johnny Depp Conspiracy Theory!

Dakota Johnson does NOT want to be associated with Johnny Depp‘s legal drama whatsoever — and now she’s begging social media to stop sharing a conspiracy theory involving them both!

In a new interview with Vanity Fair, the actress slammed his fans for suggesting that she knew about the alleged abuse he suffered at the hands of his ex-wife Amber Heard way before the rest of the world did. The theory revolves around the actor’s severed finger, which he accused Amber of causing during the defamation trial.

In April, a video of Johnson and Depp at a press conference in 2015 made the rounds online with most viewers believing it was “the EXACT moment” the 32-year-old knew something was up. In the clip, the Black Mass stars appear together on a panel when the actress notices the Pirates of the Caribbean alum’s finger. She seemingly asks him about it and then laughs when he appears to make a joke about his bandaged finger. But Dakota’s smile quickly fades as he turns away. She then seems to get lost in thought for a moment.

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His followers have taken her expression to mean that she sensed a cause for concern, one Twitter user wrote:

“Since we’re on the Australia incident, here’s a video of Johnny Depp and Dakota Johnson in 2015 where he jokes about his severed middle finger and she doesn’t buy it. She knew something was off.”

Check out the much-debated interaction (below).

Hmm. It should be noted that another person on the panel, seated next to Johnny but cropped out of the clip above, was speaking at the time. Was Dakota just looking at him and listening to what he had to say? Or was she really worried about Johnny’s love life?

After seeing the video and speculation circulate online for months, Dakota finally shut down the rumors in a candid interview with Vanity Fair published on Tuesday, saying:

“I was like, ‘For the love of God, why? Why am I involved in this?’ I don’t remember that at all, but please, take me out of this. Don’t let this go further. Can you imagine, oh, my God, if I was called to the witness stand?”

That would have been wild — especially since she apparently doesn’t remember a thing! Guess she’s not the sleuth some fans thought she was. Speaking of sleuthing, the Fifty Shades alum couldn’t help but reflect on how sad she was to see so many people discussing and watching the trial play out, adding:

“I can’t believe that people are watching [the trial] like it’s a show. It’s like it’s a courtroom drama and my heart breaks. It’s so, so, so crazy. Humans are so f**king weird. The internet is a wild, wild place.”

That’s for sure!

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The reporter went on to state that Dakota revealed there are things she will “probably never say publicly” out of fear of getting canceled — though it’s unclear if those secrets are about Johnny. Condemning cancel culture, she continued:

“What I struggle with in terms of cancel culture is the term cancel culture—the whole concept behind canceling a human being, like they’re an appointment. No person will not make mistakes in their life. The point of being alive is figuring it out. Hurting other people, harming other people is not okay. There are consequences for those actions. But the concept of the Twitterverse deciding if someone just all of a sudden doesn’t exist anymore is horrifying, heartbreaking, and wrong.”

She does have hope for the future, noting:

“I do think that it will pass. I believe that people want to live in a better world, ultimately. Also, Twitter makes up like, what, 12 percent of the world? I mean, some of these people can’t even spell.”


So, it seems like Johnny’s not canceled in her book despite years of nasty allegations. That’s similar to what she said back in November while speaking to The Hollywood Reporter about a bunch of her now-controversial Hollywood co-stars (including Johnny, Shia LaBeouf, and Armie Hammer). She mused on the abuse allegations surrounding all the men:

“I never experienced that firsthand from any of those people. I had an incredible time working with them; I feel sad for the loss of great artists. I feel sad for people needing help and perhaps not getting it in time. I feel sad for anyone who was harmed or hurt.”

On second chances, she noted:

“I do believe that people can change. I want to believe in the power of a human being to change and evolve and get help and help other people. I think there’s definitely a major overcorrection happening. But I do believe that there’s a way for the pendulum to find the middle. Sometimes the old school needs to be moved out for the new school to come in. But, yeah, cancel culture is such a f**king downer. I hate that term.”

Perhaps that’s why she’s so determined to make the conspiracy chatter stop? She’s just ready to let Johnny move forward and try again?? What do YOU think, Perezcious readers? Sound OFF (below)!

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