Machine Gun Kelly Shatters Glass Over His Head & Starts Bleeding Profusely At NYC Party! WTF?!

Machine Gun Kelly is clearly enjoying his time in the Big Apple. We just hope he’s OK after this incident!

The 32-year-old rocker, whose real name is Colson Baker, was at Catch in NYC on Tuesday night celebrating the premiere of his new Hulu documentaryMachine Gun Kelly’s Life in Pink. The outing followed hours after he performed at the city’s Madison Square Garden, at one point bringing frequent collaborator Travis Barker‘s son Landon Barker out on stage for a joint performance of Die in California.

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But while Megan Fox‘s fiancé was clearly reveling in the attention of fans at the establishment throughout the night, he might have taken things a little too far late in the evening!!

Kelly himself even alluded to crossing the line in a series of Instagram Stories he posted early Wednesday morning. In the video clips, he can be seen standing above the crowd in the packed room, yelling into a microphone in his left hand while holding a champagne flute in his right hand. At one point, he yelled:

“I don’t give a f**k, bro. I don’t give a s**t!”

And right on cue, he smashed the champagne flute into his head!!! Immediately, the glass shattered, with shards flying everywhere on the crowd below him. Oh no!!

Kelly memorialized the moment with a quip about how “this is when things turned,” as you can see in video screenshots of the moment as it went down (below):

Machine Gun Kelly Shatters Glass Over His Head & Starts Bleeding Profusely At NYC Party! WTF?!
And with that… SMASH!!! Right into his head!/ (c) Machine Gun Kelly/Instagram


That’s a crazy thing to do… And he even appears to have realized it… But it gets even crazier from there!! As the clips continue, Kelly turns around towards the camera, and viewers can see BLOOD spurting down from the right side of his head!

In a second vid, which MGK simply captioned with “f**k it,” the star can be seen dripping blood as fans and attendants try to hand him napkins and towels to clean up:

Machine Gun Kelly Shatters Glass Over His Head & Starts Bleeding Profusely At NYC Party! WTF?!
MGK turned suddenly, and… WHOA! Blood everywhere! / (c) Machine Gun Kelly/Instagram


Maybe Life in Pink should have been called Life in Red… or Life in Pain. And it turns out that he definitely wasn’t kidding around with his prior Bloody Valentine release, now, was he?! Just saying! Hopefully he came away with whatever medical care he needed for that ill-advised glass smash. Our heads hurt just watching it!

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Clearly, Kelly — and his lovely fiancée Fox — had quite the time at his Hulu premiere. The rock star shared a few videos of the lead-up his MSG performance on Tuesday, including one shot of the Empire State Building lit up in pink. He also showed off a series of highlights from Monday’s doc premiere night and some more of his NYC antics via IG earlier on Tuesday afternoon (below):

Love that! We just hope his head is OK after Tuesday night’s craziness / no one else was injured from the shards! And that it has nothing to do with a prior attempt at suicide featured in this very doc.

Also, MGK has not commented yet on close pal Travis’ sudden hospitalization in Los Angeles, which also occurred yesterday. The two musicians have personal and professional connections, so we send love to MGK and all of Barker’s other friends, family, and loved ones as doctors apparently continue to monitor the dummer in El Lay. Lots going on this week for this crew. So many ups and downs! Reactions, Perezcious readers??

[Image via Machine Gun Kelly/Instagram]

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