Let the socialist name-calling begin — 2022 election mailers start coming

The first mailer of the Election 2022 season to hit Ladra’s mailbox arrived Saturday. It’s a piece for Congresswoman Maria Elvira Salazar and, predictably, it touts her as “a freedom fighter” who is keeping socialism out of the United States.

And it comes within days of Sen. Annette Taddeo‘s announcement that she switched races from the governor’s bid to this congressional contest.

“Fighting extremists in Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua — and radical policies in Congress,” the mailer says in English and Spanish. It has a list of checkmarks next to her priorities — as if she’s accomplished anything.

  • “Bring Internet to Cuba.” Nope.
  • “Maximize pressure on the Castro/Diaz-Canel regime.” Yeah, that’s working.
  • “Stop Maduro’s corruption and terrorist support.” Ooookaaaay.
  • “End Ortega’s dictatorship in Nicaragua.” Single handedly?
  • “Prevent antisemitic terror attacks in our hemisphere.”

Salazar’s not a congresswoman. She’s a wizard.

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And, lest anybody didn’t notice, she hit all the major food groups there.

And what of the radical policies here at home in our district? What of the stranglehold that the white supremacist Proud Boys group — which has been implicated in the planning of the Jan. 6 Capitol riot — has on our local Republican Party?

The mailer was sent to the only registered Republican in the household. It has a QR code to connect with her through her email or on social media. It was paid for by “official funds authorized by the House of Representatives.”

As if she needs the help.

Salazar raised almost $3 million since January of last year, according to her latest financial campaign report, which shows more than $1 million on hand. And she doesn’t really have a race until November.

She has a primary against someone named Frank Polo, if he qualifies by the deadline at noon Friday. But Polo hasn’t reported raising a dime.

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Besides, that’s not who Salazar is targeting as a socialist, which worked very well last year and will likely be the GOP playbook once again. No, that label is reserved for Taddeo and/or Miami Commissioner Ken Russell, who could drop out of the race by the end of the week. Already, Miami-Dade Commissioner Eileen Higgins and, before her, LGBT activist Janelle Perez withdrew from the race.

If Russell realizes his slim chances and decides not to run and to support Taddeo instead, he could stay on the Miami Commission for another year — and spoil the Three Amigos’ evil plans.

Yes, Ladra has lit a candle.