Gov. Ron DeSantis’ first TV ad is lazy; we want to hear real letters (hate mail)

Parody ad shows what guv’s mail might really sound like

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis‘ first ad for re-election is kinda boring, but it doesn’t mean it was easy. You know how far and wide they had to look to find that many happy “thank you” letters?

The 60-second spot quotes six or seven alleged letters praising DeSantis for his work and positions. Yeah, yeah, it sounds like 15 or so letters, but some of the quotes come from the same writers. You can tell.

Basically, the ad follows DeSantis around as he reads these fan letters, hearing the “authors’ voices” in his head, smiling to himself. So proud. So smug.

It probably wouldn’t be the first time DeSantis hears voices in his head. So delusional.

“I wanted to write and thank you for working so hard for the citizens of Florida,” says one woman’s voice.

“I’ve never written to a political leader,” is in a man’s voice, then changes to a grandmother. “But I’m writing to express my appreciation for keeping us Floridians free and thriving.”

A little girl thanks him for keeping schools open. A man tells him that monoclonal antibodies saved his mother’s life. Several praise his response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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“Without your leadership, we wouldn’t have been able to stay open,” one man says. “Because of you, my child has thrived through this pandemic,” says a woman.

The last “letter” takes a hit at the “woke liberal media” before thanking DeSantis for keeping Florida free.

At one point, DeSantis is riding in the back seat of a SUV and reading the letters from a very thin file. Because there aren’t a lot of fan letters. Bad optics. The producer should have padded that file folder with paper.

This is the best he can do? Because, frankly, he has left himself open.

Miami activist and Democratic Committee Member Thomas Kennedy, a well-known traveling DeSantis critic labeled an “agitator” by the governor, already made a parody of the video with some voice-overs of what real letters might really sound like.

“Dear Gov. Ron DeSantis, I’ve never written to an elected official before. but after you took away my child’s right to read in the classroom, I felt compelled to pick up a pen and let you know what a monster I think you truly are,” says one woman.

“Thanks to your extremist agenda, teachers are fleeing Florida,” says a man.

“Thank you for passing a law making it legal to run me over when I’m protesting,” says another one. “Thank you for doing absolutely nothing to address the out-of-control rent,” says yet another.

“Dear Gov. DeSantis, what did a drag queen ever do to you?” That’s one of Ladra’s favorites, and it’s in response to his trying to shut down a drag show at a restaurant because it was open to families.

“You striped my transgendered child’s rights at school and you stripped my rights as a parent,” said a mother.

The piece calls DeSantis “Trump’s afterbirth” and says he is a “whiny ass complaining about dumb shit.” It’s funny. It’s crude. But it’s also true.

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Tell you what would be even better: An ad with real people reading their real letters of disgust to the governor. We know there have to be hundreds of those. Thousands, maybe.

Let’s make a public records request for the real, authentic hate mail. After four years, a disastrous unemployment system during a national lock down, and hateful red meat laws against peaceful protesters, transgender kids, educators and women’s rights, there have to be a few really good missives in there.

In fact, Ladra is willing to bet that there is more poetic hate mail than there are fan letters.

There’s probably enough for a series of videos. You’re welcome, Manny Diaz.

By the way, Kennedy made a second parody just a few days ago of DeSantis’ second video ad, called Freedom Is Here to Stay. Check it out on his twitter page here.