Coral Gables Mayor Vince Lago breaks with board, backs Kevin Cabrera


Coral Gables Mayor Vince Lago must really not like Commissioner Jorge Fors. Because this week, Lago apparently endorsed his colleague’s opponent in the county commission race in District 6.

In the Nov. 8 runoff, Lago instead backs Republican party operative Kevin Marino Cabrera, whose claim to fame was the day he tried to break into former Congresswoman Donna Shalala‘s office with a bunch of Proud Boys.

The two came out on top of a four-way primary Aug. 23, with Marino Cabrera getting 43% and Fors coming in second with 26%. Fors and his supporters say Cabrera — who is endorsed by former President Donald Trump — has hit his ceiling and that those who voted either for Miami Springs Councilman Victor Vazquez or marketing exec Dariel Fernandez will go with Fors in the second round.

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Marino Cabrera tweeted his happiness about the nods Wednesday with photos of Lago and Miami Mayor Francis Suarez, who is also backing him.

Don’t get too excited, Kev. These two also endorsed Renier Diaz de la Portilla for judge and we all know how that turned out.

Lago did not return calls to his phone. He used to pride himself on saying he was accessible. Guess he doesn’t like Ladra anymore, either.

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Meanwhile, the rest of the Coral Gables commission — Rhonda Anderson, Vice Mayor Mike Mena and Kirk Menendez — has endorsed Fors. So have former mayors Jim Cason, Don Slesnick and Dorothy Thomson and former commissioners Bill Kerdyk, Jr., Frank Quesada and Wayne Withers.

In other words, everybody in Coral Gables except the mayor. Hey, Fors should use that in a mailer. Lago is not as popular as he used to be.

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And the mayor can’t afford another bad pick. He’s running for re-election in April and is already more vulnerable than he’s ever been.