Zac Efron Says He ‘Almost Died’ In The Accident That Shattered His Jaw!

Zac Efron is sharing some more details about the accident that shattered his jaw.

As you might recall, the 34-year-old actor appeared in an Earth Day special alongside Bill Nye and sported a drastically different jaw, causing a frenzy on social media last year (dubbed Jaw-Gate). Many speculated whether he had altered his face with plastic surgery at the time. But last week, Zac finally broke his silence on the situation in an interview with Men’s Health, revealing he actually severely injured his jaw in 2013!

The Hairspray star said while running through his house in socks, he had slipped and slammed his chin on the corner of a granite fountain, which caused him to lose consciousness. When he woke up at the time, Zac revealed his chin bone was hanging off his face. OUCH!

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As a result of shattering his jaw, the masseter muscles, which are located on the side of the face from the cheekbone to the lower jaw, had to compensate for his injury, and it caused him to get pretty swollen. He actually ended up going to physical therapy regularly afterward in order to maintain their normal size. However, when he took a break from PT in Australia, that is when the masseters “got really, really big” and created his viral look.

But it turns out the incident was far more severe than anyone might have assumed! Speaking with Entertainment Tonight ahead of his new movie, The Greatest Beer Run Ever, Zac started by addressing the online rumors once again that he’d undergone cosmetic surgery to alter his face, saying he doesn’t “really give a f**k” about them:

“My mom told me. I don’t really read the internet, so, I don’t really give a f**k.”

While the High School Musical alum dismissed the plastic surgery speculation as “funny,” he also shockingly revealed that the almost killed him:

“It was funny. It sucks. I almost died, but we’re good.”


Zac, of course, did not provide any more details about the nearly dying comment. But director Peter Farrelly who joined him for the interview did chime in to say that if Zac “were going to get plastic surgery, he wouldn’t get that.” DAMN! Lolz! You can ch-ch-check out the entire interview (below):

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[Image via Entertainment Tonight/YouTube]

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