Yes, Machine Gun Kelly & Megan Fox Are Making Long Distance Work! Here’s How!

Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox are going strong through the all the ups and downs! And that includes the nears and fars, too.

Once again the couple are reminding us of their imperishable bond. ICYMI, rumors have been spreading about a potential breakup between the two. Megan hasn’t made a post on her usually romantic Instagram grid in a worrying while. Since June, as a matter of fact!

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This got some fans worried the pair had called it quits, but MGK was quick to shut down the rumors by referring to the Transformers star as his “wife” onstage Saturday. And on Wednesday, an insider defended the couple to TMZ, saying they can’t possibly spend all of their time together (no matter how much it appears like they had been doing exactly that). All in all, it’s safe to say they’re still doing well!

Now we’ve got another confirmation on their relationship status, though! According to US Weekly, a close source explained the actress and her fiancé are busy — but making it work long distance amid his Mainstream Sellout tour and her filming schedule:

“MGK is on tour for the next few months, so he’s really focused on that. Megan is by his side when she can be and when she’s not, they’re constantly communicating over the phone.”

The insider also notes the Jennifer’s Body alum has been spending a lot of time with her children, whom she keeps “out of the public eye”:

“She’s with her kids a lot of the time, which people don’t always see since she keeps them out of the public eye.”

How are they able to maintain such a strain on their relationship, though? Well, the source says the couple is “spiritually connected” — we’re guessing this possibly has something to do with how the My Ex’s Best Friend singer wears the blood of his “twin flame” around his neck? The insider also says the success comes from the duo’s “unbreakable” love:

“[They] have this deep-rooted love for each other that’s unbreakable.”

LDRs can be tough! At least it seems between their busy lives, the Emo Girl singer and his fiancée are getting to see one another from time to time. On Tuesday the pair were photographed together grabbing lunch — and the PDA-packed photos say it all! It definitely looks like they’re still just as into each other as they’ve always been!

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[Image via Instagram/Megan Fox]

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