Yeesh! Jana Kramer Claims Ex-Husband Mike Caussin Cheated With More Than 13 WOMEN!

Oof. Jana Kramer put up with SO much more than we ever realized.

The One Tree Hill alum is sitting down at the red table on Wednesday’s episode of Red Table Talk for a very candid conversation about her split from ex-husband Mike Caussin — and the teaser alone just revealed so much!!! Seriously, this one’s gonna be a doozy!

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On Tuesday, the show released a sneak peek of the upcoming episode on Facebook Watch. While the video was less than a minute, it sure packed a punch as Jana revealed just how unfaithful her ex had been. SPOILER: it’s a LOT of women! The clip begins with Jada Pinkett Smith asking frankly:

“Over time you found out he cheated with about 13 women?”

Jana simply said:


He cheated with more than a dozen women?? More than a baker’s dozen even?! OMFG! Talk about an unlucky number!

Obviously this divorce was 100% the right choice. But that doesn’t make it an easy one.

Getting emotional, Jana said the hardest part of the split is having to be apart from her children, daughter Jolie, 6, and son Jace, 3, in special moments of their lives, such as the upcoming holidays. She continued:

“I know we’re both in better situations, but I think about this year, my kids won’t wake up in my house [on] Christmas day. That one’s gonna hurt.”


Will Smith’s wife — who’s kept her family together through their own struggles — understood the feeling, adding:

“That’s a hard one when your familial dreams coincide with childhood trauma.”

Expressing her frustration about the split and what it has meant for her and her kids, the singer noted:

“And that’s when I get like, ‘That’s not fair. You took away my dream, too, of what I wanted for my family.’”

It’s definitely not fair! As Perezcious readers know, Jana and Mike have long had a complicated relationship, and she fought tooth and nail to make things work. We can’t say the same about him…

They first met and started dating in 2014 but called it quits quickly after. At the time, the Why Ya Wanna vocalist hinted at the NFL player being unfaithful. They ultimately reconciled and got married in 2015. Just one year later, news broke that Mike had cheated on the Holiday Fix-Up star with multiple women and sought treatment for sex addiction. After a brief separation, they renewed their vows in 2017 and things were smooth sailing until 2021 when Jana filed for divorce after catching him cheating… again. While she was recovering from surgery no less. Ugh. So tough.

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She took to her Instagram to share the devastating news with fans, writing:

“’It’s time.’ As I try to make sense of a reality I never wanted to believe could be possible again, those words have now become a reality. I’ve fought y’all. I’ve loved hard. I’ve forgiven. I’ve put the work in. I’ve given everything I have, and now I have nothing else to give.”

It’s unclear exactly when Mike was cheating with all of these women — as in, were the majority of them in the picture before or after his sex addiction treatment and their vow renewal? We’re guessing to fit in so much infidelity it was probably spread out over years — but either way, it’s terrible and must have been so heartbreaking for the musician to discover!

The exes are now navigating a tricky co-parenting relationship. In February while speaking to Us Weekly, the Soccer Mom Madam lead slammed the former athlete for not being very “good at coparenting,” saying:

“It’s one of those things where, hopefully in time, we can [get along]. We’re doing an OK job. I’ll just say this: I’m doing my part in what I can do to be a good coparent, and … he has to deal with his own side of things. If he doesn’t want to be good at coparenting, that’s his thing.”

We hope they can figure out a way to work together for their kids’ sake in the future. We’re sure there’s lots more to come in the full episode on Wednesday! Until then, check out the teaser (below)!

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