X Factor Alum Tom Mann Shares Heartbreaking Update 1 Week After Fiancée Dani Hampson’s Shocking Death

It’s been one week since Tom Mann lost his fiancée Dani Hampson on what was supposed to be their wedding day. The loss is still unbearably fresh.

Taking to Instagram on Sunday, the X Factor alum shared a message to his late wife-to-be, making it clear that he is still struggling with this insurmountable loss. The singer posted a photo of himself and Dani kissing along the shoreline, writing:

“There are honestly no words to describe just how much I miss you, Dan. Forever & always.”

Aw… We simply cannot imagine what he must be feeling in the wake of this tragedy.

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Check out the heartbreaking tribute (below):

X Factor Alum Tom Mann Shares Heartbreaking Update One Week After Fiancée Dani Hampson’s Shocking Death
(c) Tom Mann/Instagram

So, so sad.

As we reported, the Stereo Kicks star announced the untimely death of his partner, just 34 years old, after she passed away before they said their vows last week. Her cause of death has not been revealed at this time. Reflecting on the gut-wrenching day, Tom told followers:

“On what was supposed to be the happiest day of our lives ended in irreversible heartbreak. I feel like I have cried an ocean. We never made it to the alter; or got to say our vows, or dance our first dance, but I know you know that you were my entire world and the best thing that has ever happened to me, Danielle.”

He also promised to wear his wedding ring as a symbol of his unending love for Dani. Such a heartwarming gesture.

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The couple welcomed their son Bowie last year, and he has remained the one thing keeping Tom strong through this tragedy, he noted:

“I am completely broken trying to process this and I honestly don’t know where to go from here, but I do know I need to use any strength I can muster for our little boy. I will not be a mark on the parent that you had already become but I promise I will do my everything to raise Bowie just the way we always wanted. I promise you he will know how amazing his mummy was. I promise to make you so, so proud.”

What a difficult time for this family. You can read his full post (below).

Absolutely devastating. We are sending Tom and all of Dani’s friends and family so much love as they mourn her untimely passing. R.I.P.

[Image via Tom Mann/Instagram]

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