WTF, Police?! Another Amateur Sleuth Found Kiely Rodni’s Laptop & Other Personal Items

Another case the police have completely botched??

In the aftermath of Gabby Petito‘s murder and the Uvalde shooting, there have been quite a few very public examples of law enforcement shortcomings. And it’s starting to look like the case of Kiely Rodni is yet another.

The 16-year-old vanished while attending a party in the woods near Truckee, California. She was reported missing right away, but after two weeks the authorities came up with nothing. They had even given up on combing the area. It took some volunteers with a YouTube channel to find the teen and her missing vehicle.

Adventures With Purpose released a video of their search of the Prosser Creek Reservoir, including the moment they located Kiely’s submerged SUV, as well as the human remains… which suspiciously were in the backseat. Without their hard work who knows how long it would have taken law enforcement to get to the bottom of this case. (Which, of course, they still have not — her autopsy results are being kept under wraps as the investigation continues.)

Now another major find in the case has allegedly been made by an amateur detective — and not by the cops who are supposed to be investigating Kiely’s disappearance.

An internet sleuth who runs a YouTube channel called Checkit TV (check that out HERE) claims to have found Kiely’s laptop computer, as well as a number of other personal items!

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In a series of videos, the vlogger walks the edge of the reservoir and even dives from a boat looking for clues. And somehow, apparently, that worked. The true crime aficionado claims to have found a duffel bag, a hairbrush, a charging cord, a gift box, and even a laptop, all belonging to the late teenager. He said police refused to come get the items at first until he contacted Kiely’s family directly. He claims the high schooler’s grandfather identified her laptop — which had distinctive stickers all over it, including ones that said “Milf Patrol” and “Virginity Rocks” and one of a cartoon Bob Ross.

Finally, police did collect the evidence. A spokesman for the Nevada County Sheriff’s Office told The Sun:

“I can confirm our office has contacted the individual claiming to have recovered some of Kiely’s property and we have taken possession of those items.”

However, he added, they “cannot, at this point, say whether the property belonged to Kiely or not.” Couldn’t they check with her family?

Not that the laptop could be salvaged, having been underwater all that time. But it seems there must be good reason in an investigation like this, where it’s suspected there were others in the car with her, to examine these items. Right?

Kiely’s family was reportedly confused when YouTubers rather than police found their daughter. Seems like this is yet another example of a community stepping up when police are failing…

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Well, the man behind Checkit TV, who doesn’t wish to be named, has another view on police in this case. He told The Sun:

“I think the police are doing a great job. When they were here the water levels were much higher back then. Today they are much lower due to a dry winter causing Lake Tahoe to be low and they have to draw from the other reservoirs.”

That’s pretty clever. Sorry, but frankly… shouldn’t someone in law enforcement have been on top of that? The Checkit sleuth may not feel this way, but we’re starting to wonder what exactly some of these police forces are doing when confronted with a real case.

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