Women Describe REAL Eyes Wide Shut High-End Sex Parties Happening Weekly In NYC!

There are sex parties, and then there are SEX PARTIES!

Rumors always seem to fly around about some sort of NSFW adult-themed parties going down in places like New York City and Los Angeles. Celebs and elites and high-end businesspeople and all the rest are rumored to take part. Sounds hot!!

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But one group sex scene may take the cake when it comes to the kinkiest — and classiest — adult parties out there. On Friday, the U.S. Sun published a jaw-dropping feature about the sex parties that supposedly happen at Snctm.

For those not in the know, the folks at Goop are huge fans of Snctm’s adult orgies. (No, seriously! Look HERE.) That hotspot, which reportedly started in Beverly Hills and expanded east to NYC, also has its own SHOWTIME series. Clearly, people are curious about what goes on behind closed bedroom doors! And in this new report, it all gets laid bare. Literally!

According to the U.S. Sun, an “adult nightlife membership” at Snctm checks in at $12,500 annually for the lowest tier! At the highest tier, members are paying as much as $50,000 to get f**ked in their swanky group settings! Jeez!!

However, to liven up the mix a bit, Snctm does provide free entry to “elegant and intriguing women” who members allow onto the org’s exclusive guest list. Gotta keep the gender ratios right and all, we suppose. And the outlet spoke to two of those women for their report on Friday. Now, the stories have us all hot and bothered!

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One “longtime” member, per the outlet, identified herself as Carina Fika. The “twenty-something” woman confirmed she and her partner Leonard are polyamorous. So, they joined Snctm because they heard it was the best of the best in the adult entertainment biz. Fika, who told the outlet she attends events in both NYC and El Lay, explained:

“My partner and I, we have always been in the scene. At the beginning of our relationship, we always knew that we both were poly. I’ve been to every single Snctm event in the past year, other than one because of work.”

Carina went on to add:

“We like being together, but we also like being together with another woman because I love my girl time. I have found that I’m a dom with girls. I always thought I was a switch, but after going to so many events, I realized I really like domming women and women love being dommed by me.”


But it was the outlet’s other source who really gave up the goods!

The report also quoted Farrah Jones, a “woman in her 30s” who was a first-time attendee at a Snctm event recently. She reported how she heard about the sex club from her boss (?!?!?!), and added:

“I heard about Snctm from my boss actually, but that’s a whole other story. I decided to try something new and explore a side of myself that’s otherwise kept hidden.”

From the start, her experience was LIT! Jones said she “saw a man light his penis on fire” while at one event, and added:

“As soon as I walked in the door I was greeted by a masked man serving Ferrero Rocher off his crotch. The performance art really drew me in. I saw a man light his penis on fire. He was fully nude. I’ve heard of fire-breathing, but this was next level. I met this gorgeous woman tying her girlfriend up with ropes in complicated designs. It was like watching living artwork.”


There were orgies all over the place by the end of the night. Recalling what she watched go down (literally) at the swanky NYC invite-only hotspot, Farrah explained:

“I saw a six-some in one bed. Or at least I think I counted six bodies, maybe more. Some people were just watching them and enjoying being voyeurs. And right next to that, I was having a conversation with a woman about our favorite beauty products like it was ordinary. The experience gave me permission to really explore my self-love. And witness how other people express love with their partners. … I saw a group of people having sex in a latex bed. They asked another friend why she wouldn’t join them and she told them, ‘I’m allergic to latex.’ Without skipping a beat, they took the party to a non-latex bed.”

Sounds super-fun, and super-hot, and super… wholesome?!

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By the end of the night, Jones had disrobed and joined the fun, too! She explained how empowered it made her feel to be so sexy in such a safe and classy environment:

“I love my body and I love being naked. I hate how women are shamed for showing skin. It’s a personal choice. An exchange like that would never happen in a bar. I mean, if it did, I’d run for the hills as soon as he asked. It made me feel proud of my sexual presence. Every part of me is a sensual experience, including the way I look and smell. I think everyone has certain desires and fetishes they keep beneath the surface. Snctm provided a safe environment to explore that.”

Well then. Sounds like a night of very, very memorable fun!

You can read the outlet’s full feature HERE.

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