Woman Swallowed WHOLE By Giant 23-Foot Python While Walking Home From Work!

A missing woman was found dead near a rubber plantation in Indonesia where she worked. Unbelievably, she was found inside the body of a 23-foot python. It had swallowed her whole.

According to reports from the island of Sumatra, the 54-year-old woman identified only by the local media as Jahrah went missing after work at some point on Sunday. On Monday morning, investigators came upon an engorged python in the area. Upon opening it up they discovered the woman’s “mostly intact” body inside.


According to the local media outlet Detik, Jahrah had been working that day on a rubber plantation in Jambi province on the island. When she did not return home as expected on Sunday evening, her husband reported her missing.

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While searching for her along with some other local residents on Sunday night, her husband discovered her sandals, jacket, and headscarf on the ground on a local path. Some of the tools she’d used for work that day were there, as well. The police were called in to assist, according to The Guardian, and they began a full-scale search.

Early on Monday morning, per BBC News, officials spotted the a python in an area nearby. AKP S Harefa, the local Betara Jambi police chief in control of the area, recounted to Detik what happened next after they killed the bloated snake:

“When the security team and residents conducted a search around the rubber plantation, then we found a python 7 metres long. It is this snake that is suspected of preying on the victim. After we caught him, we found the victim’s body in the snake’s stomach.”

So sad. And SO scary!!

Jahrah’s body was, shockingly, in one piece inside the stomach. Thus, officials in Indonesia believe she was likely hunted as prey by the massive snake as she walked out of work on Sunday. Jeez!!

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If that’s the case, as The Guardian notes, that would be a rare — but theoretically possible — scenario. Pythons are known to kill through constriction, and they typically eat smaller animals. However, there have been a couple recent cases in Indonesia where giant pythons attacked and killed humans.

In 2018, a woman named Wa Tiba was found to have been swallowed by a giant python after going missing from her garden days before on the island of Muna, off the coast of Sulawesi. The year before that, a farmer on Sulawesi identified as Akbar Salubiro was killed and swallowed by a giant python near a remote village on the island. According to Slate, Sulabiro’s death was the first confirmed case of a python killing and eating an adult human. The first was in 2017 — and now it’s happening more?

We can’t even begin to wrap our heads around this. What an awful and grisly situation.

Sending love to Jahrah’s family, friends, and loved ones…

[Image via National Geographic/YouTube]

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