Woman Arrested For Attacking Husband At Airport After Finding ‘Indecent Photos’ On His Phone

A lot of vacations aren’t going as planned this winter. But for this South Carolina couple, it had nothing to do with the weather…

Paula Barbour and her husband had just touched down in the Palmetto State for a relaxing holiday vacation on Wednesday when an argument between the spouses turned ugly. Around 2:50 p.m. security detail in Charleston International Airport responded to an “active domestic” incident — and found Barbour attacking her husband.

According to reports obtained by WCSC, the 55-year-old woman kicked her husband, took a swipe at his face, and then threw his phone. Police were able to break up the fight when they arrived. They soon found out the cause — Paula revealed she had found “several indecent photos” on her husband’s phone. Damn, what must have those been?? Whatever it was, it sounds like it was enough to permanently split up the couple!

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An incident report via the outlet stated:

“The suspect stated that she just wanted to get away from the victim and fly back home.”

She got her wish in that she got to separate from her husband for a while — just maybe not in the way she wanted.

Upon law enforcement getting involved, the husband completely denied being attacked and maintained that his wife never laid a hand on him. But police and passersby had seen the woman hit her husband and throw his phone. On top of that, airports are filled with security cameras, so they had the whole thing on film.

Eventually, Barbour confessed to the attack, and security officers arrested her on third degree charges of domestic violence. She was booked into Al Cannon Detention Center soon thereafter — but was bailed out the very next day on a $5,237 bond. It’s unclear if the couple was able to fly back home — and whether they had to do so together. But if they did, we haven’t seen reports of any further incidents.

The “indecent photos” in question are still a mystery. It’s unclear what — or whom — the pics were of or how the wife saw them on his phone. We just hope they’re able to work out whatever it was without any future run-ins with the law.

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[Image via WCBD News 2/YouTube/Al Cannon Detention Center]

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