Will Canada Ban Lori Loughlin From Crossing The Border To Film New Movie??

Lori Loughlin is trying to make her return to the film industry since that college admissions scandal — but will Canada allow it to happen?

The Fuller House star was reportedly offered a role in a new movie, according to TMZ, but because of her two-year-long probation she’s upholding after her two-month prison stint, it might not be such an easy task. The unnamed movie would be filmed in Canada for only a week, but because of her legal status she has to get permission to travel.

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The Great White North is notoriously strict when it comes to immigration, though, and the country is very hesitant about letting people with criminal records cross the border. As you know, in May 2020, Loughlin plead guilty to a felony, making her criminal history not-so squeaky clean anymore.

She petitioned the court to allow her to travel and the judge signed off on it, but she’s only halfway there. The next step is getting Canada to approve her travels — and the country doesn’t seem to have any celebrity bias as it’s turned down Chris Brown, Lil Wayne, and The Game in the past.

We’ll just have to wait and see the Hallmark alum’s fate when it comes to her return to acting! If she can’t go to Canada, then she’ll pretty much be SOL for a lot of gigs too and many shows and features film there. We’ll be sure to keep you updated when we hear more!

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