Why Victoria Beckham Is Terrified Of 10-Year-Old Daughter Harper Joining Social Media!

Victoria Beckham knows all too well just how awful the constant scrutiny over one’s body can be.

For years, the 48-year-old fashion designer suffered with entertainment media picking a part her body. She even opened up recently about having to go through a horrific stunt in the late ’90s, where she was asked to weigh herself on live television, just two months after giving birth to her and David Beckham’s eldest son Brooklyn. Ugh. Seriously?! And this wasn’t an isolated incident either. As Victoria explained to Vogue Australia in a new interview published on Sunday:

“I’ve had ‘Porky Posh’ on a headline, I’ve had ‘Skeletal Posh’. After I had Brooklyn, there was a picture on the front of a newspaper pointing to every single part of my body as to where I had to focus on losing the weight from. Imagine doing that now.”

Thankfully we can’t!

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Her experiences back in the day are totally unacceptable and disgusting. And sadly, this type of body-shaming has not gone away — it’s just largely moved on to another platform: social media. Now it’s not magazine headlines but anonymous comments sections where all the horrid comments have traveled, and they’ve only gotten worse for the journey.

So given her past experiences, it makes sense Victoria is completely terrified about how people will act towards her 10-year-old daughter Harper if she joins any social platforms.

The former Spice Girls member said to Vogue Australia:

“Harper isn’t on social media, so we don’t have to worry about that just yet. But seeing how cruel people can be, yes it really does [concern me].”

Understandable. We’ve seen time and time again just how ugly it can get in the comments section of Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok. Truly brutal at times…

However, Victoria noted that if Harper eventually wants to join social media, she ultimately wants to make sure her kid already has a solid support system surrounding her to help through it:

“She’s at that age where her body is going to start changing, but it’s about making sure that we communicate a lot as a family and she surrounds herself with nice friends. But it is quite terrifying, I can’t lie.”

In the meantime, though, the singer said her youngest child is not in a rush to grow up:

“She’s not one of these kids who are going out with a full face of makeup and a crop top.”

In fact, despite Victoria being a fashion icon, Harper apparently even has some strong criticisms about how her mom used to dress in the early days of her career! She recalled:

“She actually said to me recently, ‘Mummy, I’ve seen some pictures of you when you were in the Spice Girls, and your skirts were just unacceptable. They were just too short.’ Then David piped up and said, ‘Absolutely, Harper! They really, really were.’ And she was actually quite disgusted at how short my skirts were.”

Victoria added:

“I said, ‘Are you never going to wear skirts like that?’ She said, ‘Absolutely not.’ We’ll see.”

Hopefully, Harper will have an easier time than her mum did if she decides to join social media. Reactions to Victoria’s confession, Perezcious readers? Let us know in the comments.

[Image via Victoria Beckham/Instagram]

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