Whoa! Lala Kent Claims Ex Randall Emmett Owes Jax Taylor ‘A Lot Of Money’?!

Lala Kent is speaking out about an apparent financial controversy going on behind the scenes in the Vanderpump Rules corner of the reality TV world.

The recently surfaced video of her new reveal started making the rounds on social media over the weekend. And already, we are fascinated by this new piece of unconfirmed gossip. Oh, boy!!!

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So, Lala hasn’t been shy about putting her ex Randall Emmett on blast. In fact, that’s been, like, one of her main things ever since the two split amid cheating allegations levied against him. So it makes sense that she grabbed the mic (literally) at a recent event to speak more about her ill-fated relationship with the film producer. What we didn’t expect in this instance, though, was for Ocean Kent Emmett‘s momma to open up about an alleged issue involving Randall and Jax Taylor.

In a new clip that is just now making the rounds online with Bravo-adjacent gossip followers and tea accounts on Instagram, Lala is claiming Randall allegedly owes Jax a LOT of money. Like, six figures’ worth of money. WTF?!

In the shocking new vid, the 32-year-old reality TV star can be heard saying:

“Randall owes Jax a lot of money. And he’s been giving him the runaround for a really long time. … I don’t know who mails six figures. I mean, I kind of believe Jax would believe in that.”


Then, Lala is interrupted by a woman off camera who says:

“And he [Jax] just kept checking the mail, and it didn’t come.”

Kent agreed with that assessment, adding:

“No, and it didn’t come. So, this is me saying, ‘brother, you owe my friend money, so, money by Monday. The clock is ticking.’”


The tea account that first posted it very late on Saturday night, @cici.loves.you, wrote this in the caption:

“I woke up to several of you sending me this clip.. what is going on here? Why would Jax give money to Randall? I thought Randall was taking them all on luxury trips, playing poker etc. How was he paying for all of that? If this all is true I hope Jax does get his money back soon. I have not seen him publicly speak out about this yet…”

You can see the full video clip detailing these unconfirmed allegations for yourself (below):


That’s definitely, ummm, a surprise. Like, WOW!! Do U buy Lala’s claim, tho, Perezcious readers?

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Fans sure seemed to believe it. Down in the comments, followers WENT IN on the alleged situation from all angles:

“Jax is an not too bright for lending him the money”

“Where did Jax get the money to give to Randall? Also, she needs to just stop talking about him.”

“Six figures. Really?! That’s insane. I’m surprised Jax would do that. Jax is a bit of a moocher, grifter, conman etc. himself. Seems he was beaten at his own game and out swindled. And uh, what happened to his seven figure tax debt?!”

“Lala is just embarrassed that her supposedly fairytale life fell apart. If you despise someone so much why keep talking about him?”

“I’m pretty sure it was a project that they were working on together that didn’t go anywhere. Seems that Jax invested in addition to getting a producer credit. It was probably a requirement of being able to say he worked on it.”

“Why do I feel like this season is setting it all up for Stassi, Beau, Jax, and Brittany to return?”

Ooh! That last comment is an interesting idea. Could this sort of drama bubbling up be a way to prime the pump for Jax and wife Brittany Cartwright to return to VPR or something?? After all, as we’ve been reporting, Jax is apparently poised to continue his reality TV career elsewhere very soon. So… yeah!

Regardless, what do U make of Lala’s debt allegations?? Do y’all think Randall is really in the hole to Jax on this one, or nah?

Sound OFF with your take down in the comments (below)!

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