Watch The Idaho Murder Victims Talk To Cops In Newly Released Bodycam Footage

We’re in for a long wait for the murder trial of Bryan Kohberger — on Thursday his preliminary probable cause hearing wasn’t scheduled until June! But in the meantime we’re sure to learn a lot more about both the suspect and his alleged victims.

As followers of the case know, four University of Idaho students — besties Kaylee Goncalves and Maddie Mogen (both 21) and couple Xana Kernodle and Ethan Chapin (both 20), were found brutally murdered in their off-campus home in Moscow, Idaho on November 13. What their connection was to a 28-year-old criminal justice grad student attending Washington State University has yet to be determined. Did he even know them? Was he stalking one or more for months, as the cell phone data seems to indicate? It’s all going to take some untangling. Part of that means digging into their lives shortly before the killings.

To that end, Law&Crime have unearthed two police bodycam videos recorded at the house on King Road — both in relation to noise complaints. We’d already heard this was something of a party house — a fact which became crucial to the case as it turns out one of the surviving roommates actually saw the killer leaving and went back to bed. That’s much easier to understand when you realize how many people were in and out of the house, which was shared by six people. That much is obvious in a previously seen bodycam video in which cops question partygoers who claim no one who lives at the house is even present at the party.

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But how often did that happen? Quite a bit apparently. The first video shows victim Kaylee, suspected by some to be the main target of the murders, speaking to the cops about a noise complaint on the afternoon of August 16, about three months before her death. In the video, she politely complies as the officers explain that a neighbor called 911 about the noise. They inform her the ticket for a noise violation is over $300, and they don’t want to give that to her — they want to give her the verbal warning and leave and not get any more calls. All of which Kaylee agrees is totally “fair.”

In another video taken by officers on September 2 — just a day after the video we saw before — Xana is much more nervous.

This seems to be a followup to a previous noise complaint from the same night. Police tell her they already spoke to her roommate Maddie Mogen, whom she says is at the club. She explains how she is underage and doesn’t know anything about it, she was just going to bed separately — though she also had friends over.

What does this tell us about the killings? We don’t yet know — and we may not know what’s relevant for several months, unfortunately. What do YOU think about these newly discovered videos??

[Image via Law&Crime Network/YouTube.]

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