Was Maddie Mogen The True Target Of The Idaho Killer??

Did this whole thing just get unlocked?

Early in the investigation of the University of Idaho murders, a police source said despite there being four victims — Maddie Mogen, Kaylee Goncalves, Xana Kernodle, and Ethan Chapin — this was being looked at as a targeted attack. Many took that to mean only one of the students was the intended victim. Further, speculation quickly turned to Kaylee. Why?

Kaylee’s father Steve Goncalves wasn’t interested in being as tight-lipped as the Moscow Police Department in those early days. He revealed he’d learned the wounds “don’t match” — and NewsNation confirmed Kaylee’s wounds were “significantly more brutal” than any other victim’s. It was assumed this was because she was the target. But the latest revelation is pointing to her best friend instead.

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We learned this week from a source close to the investigation that suspect Bryan Kohberger — who was arrested at the end of December and charged with all four murders — had a number of photos of one of the victims on his phone. It was unclear if these were pics he’d snapped or ones he’d saved from Instagram. We’d already heard he followed multiple of the girls.

Well, NewsNation learned from their sources that the photos were indeed downloaded from IG. But they found out something else that may have changed this entire case. Their insider says Kohberger did follow both Kaylee and Maddie on Instagram. However, based on his activity on the social media platform, it was Maddie who seemed to be his focus.

Ashleigh Banfield reported on her show Wednesday night that sources revealed Kohberger had “liked” all of Maddie’s photos. Every single one. He had liked a few of Kaylee’s also, but ALL of her BFF’s. Considering Maddie was included in several of Kaylee’s, who knows? Maybe those were the ones he liked of hers?

We obviously have no way of knowing that, and everything from here on out is speculation, as well — though it’s all pretty reasonable little leaps.

If Maddie is the one victim whose Insta he liked in its entirety, it stands to reason she was the one he had photos of on his phone. And also that she was the one he was messaging over and over again — but never messaged him back. And while Kaylee may indeed have had a stalker, she was with Maddie all the time. In fact, they specifically told people they traveled in groups for safety. Is it possible Kohberger was following them both — or even just Maddie? And Kaylee just happened to be there? We only know from the probable cause affidavit that Kohberger’s phone was in the same locations as some of the victims — not which one he was following. We do know he went to the restaurant Maddie and Xana worked at multiple times. It now seems clear which one he was looking for.

Does this mean Maddie was the target the whole time? It’s a shocking turn if so. But it may also help establish motive — it seems like there’s a lot of evidence he was obsessed with her. What do YOU think?? See the full story (below):

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