VPR Shocker! Lala Kent & James Kennedy Cheated With Each Other! See How Their Exes Reacted!

The season premiere of Vanderpump Rules brought some shocking revelations!

Ever since Lala Kent joined the reality show in season 4, fans have long speculated that she and James Kennedy must have hooked up at one point. They’ve remained somewhat quiet on the rumors over the years, but now, it looks like the pair are finally ready to come clean about what happened between them! During the season 10 premiere of VPR on Wednesday, James and Lala admitted to cheating on their former partners – Raquel Leviss and Randall Emmett, respectively. Speaking with James and their co-star Katie Maloney, the 32-year-old podcast host revealed she and the DJ “hooked up” in 2016. She explained:

“James and I, when we were both very new in our relationships, definitely hooked up.”


Before she continued with the story, James pleaded with Lala to not say anything else:

“You’re making me nervous. My heart is beating. Like, please don’t. Please don’t.”

But the momma of one didn’t plan to hold back! She confirmed their drunken dalliance happened when she and James were in Chicago for a performance – and that “handstands” were involved. He agreed with Lala but insisted that he never had any additional “fun” behind Raquel’s back after their tryst. But at one point, a montage appeared on the screen of women he also allegedly slept with during his relationship with the 28-year-old. Yikes!

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Undeniably, this must have been brutal for Raquel to find out about the hookup now. The television personality, who broke up with James in December 2021 after five years of dating, was (understandably) upset by the news, telling E! News that she “had to do a little investigation just to make sure that was true.” She added:

“For some reason, I was very naive back in the day and I thought James never cheated on me but this clarified that he definitely has cheated on me multiple times. That was definitely a hard pill to swallow.”

Randall hasn’t reacted to the bombshell confession yet – but we doubt he’ll say much considering he and Lala aren’t together anymore following his own cheating allegations and other disturbing claims against him! Meanwhile, James’ current girlfriend Ally Lewber couldn’t believe what the 31-year-old reality star did to Raquel. She told Page Six it came as a “shock” to her at first, saying:

“I was mad at him for a minute, for sure, yeah. I think I felt for Raquel a lot in that moment — just knowing [they] were about to get married, and she was never gonna know this. That’s never fun to find out about a partner.”

It would have been very s****y of James if they stayed together and he didn’t own up to cheating on her with Lala! She then noted that the couple have “talked it through” after the revelation came up, and they seem to be doing fine right now. But what does James have to say about his actions? He told E! that it was “not a proud moment of mine,” noting:

“I’m not perfect—I’m not now and nor was I then in my early 20s—but I am 30 now and looking back not a move I would make nowadays and good life lesson.”

James also said he’s done “a lot of reflecting” since his hookup with Lala, and he’s very happy with his new girlfriend:

“When I see my relationship with Ally, I can honestly say I’ve truly never felt this way in my life before. Maybe I had to get to this place.”

As for if James is pissed at Lala for revealing their secret, he told Page Six:

“Honestly, no, I haven’t got time to be mad at Lala about something that happened six years ago. We’ve already worked on our friendship so much since then.”

We do not blame Raquel if she’s enraged at Lala and James for keeping their rendezvous a secret for so long! Everyone will have to wait to see her response to the situation when the Give Them Lala author finally tells her what went down between her and James later in the season! Reactions, Perezcious readers? Let us know in the comments below!

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