Tyler Cameron & Paige Lorenze Broke Up — And She Was Thrown By His ‘Weird’ Reveal On Live TV!

Tyler Cameron, who first rose to fame on The Bachelorette and has since shown off his hunky body pretty much anywhere and everywhere he’s allowed, is a single man once again.

The former reality TV star revealed on Monday in a LIVE TV INTERVIEW (!) that he and social media influencer Paige Lorenze split up. Of course, Lorenze is country singer Morgan Wallen‘s ex-girlfriend, too. So she’s no stranger to romance in the spotlight. And Tyler has his own high-end dating history that certainly attracts attention.

But to hear Paige tell it in a new social media comment, she did NOT expect the male model to divulge so much info!

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OK, so this all started on Monday. Cameron was making an appearance on Daily Pop that morning when his Real Dirty Dancing co-star Loni Love caught him off-guard with a question about his love life. The veteran comedian asked Tyler how things were going with Paige — clearly not expecting the answer she got.

On the live morning show, Tyler delivered this surprising and awkward response to Loni’s inquiry:

“I’ll tell you what, Loni. We actually had to take a step back. It wasn’t the right time. It wasn’t good for us. So, we’re back to not dating anymore.”

Ooooh! That’s not great. Never an ideal thing to just spring the relationship Q on live TV when the answer isn’t a good one…

And yet the Bachelorette alum, who first rose to fame on Hannah Brown‘s 2019 season of the show, tried to keep it as classy as possible by taking the high road. He explained how he and Lorenze “both have tons of respect and love for each other” even after parting ways.

So that’s nice! But… hours later, Paige took to TikTok to speak out about the split. Well, really she spoke out about Tyler’s unexpected reveal of the split! In a comment on TikTok user Zachary Reality‘s account, Paige explained her surprise at hearing about the breakup on television:

“Had no idea he was talking to media … but I am not embarrassed, I stepped away. Just weird.”

Tyler Cameron & Paige Lorenze Broke Up -- And She Was Thrown By His 'Weird' Reveal On Live TV!
So that TV announcement definitely wasn’t planned or tipped off, then! / (c) Paige Lorenze/TikTok


Page Six reports Paige has since deleted the comment. Still, that “weird” reference says a lot, doesn’t it? And even though Tyler was pretty chatty about the breakup on Monday morning, he clammed up by Tuesday afternoon?! The outlet further reports that his reps didn’t respond to a request for comment.

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Paige, meanwhile, spoke to the news org about the single surprise. The 24-year-old influencer explained that distance played a part in ending things with Tyler. As she dished it, her career has become a priority, and it requires her to remain in NYC. That was incompatible with the 29-year-old former football player, who is staying down in Florida.

She said:

“Yes, I am single. There wasn’t a dramatic split or any bad blood between us. I’ve always made such large life adjustments for my partners in the past, but for right now, focusing on me is where I am at. It feels good to finally be comfortable with being selfish and putting myself and my future first.”

Well then! That’s certainly quite a statement!

Of course, these two were first confirmed to be in a relationship back in early July. So it’s not like there’s a huge history here. This isn’t even Kim Kardashian-Pete Davidson breakup territory! Just saying!

Still, though, it sucks to split. And the live TV reveal and confused fallout from that sure is something. Probably not the way Tyler drew it up!

Reactions, Perezcious readers??

[Image via Tyler Cameron/Paige Lorenze/Instagram]

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